My Mother had lung cancer and had suffered extreme physical and
emotional pain for 2 1/2 years before passing away. After watching her
call out to God so many times during those 2 1/2 years without seeing
any evidence of his hearing her plead for help, I came to the conclusion
that there was no God. I felt that there was more evidence to support the
idea that there was no such being, but if there were in fact such a
being he was a very uncaing and even Psychopathic sort of character.

I was lying in bed one day, about six to eight weeks after her passing,
feeling a great deal of sadness. My husband was lying with me trying to
comfort me. Even though I did not really believe in or trust God, I was
feeling kind of desperate and called out to him anyway. I said "I want
angels in my house now, and I want them to live here and protect my
family." I don't remember why I made such a demand, but I did and at
the same time I was making it I felt silly for calling out to an
imaginary God.

A few seconds after making this demand I saw two balls of
light come into my bedroom and just float above and near the end of my
bed. I asked my husband if he saw "lights" and he said he could not. I
concluded that something was happening to my vision due to fatigue, so I
moved my eyes around the room, thinking that the balls of light would
move with my line of vision.They didn't. They stayed at the end of my
bed and just grew somewhat brighter, larger until the larger of the two
was about the size of my fist. They stayed about five minutes and then
disappeared. It wasn't until the next day that I thought maybe there was
a connection between the balls of light and my prayer/demand. That was
almost one year ago and I have not seen them since.

The next experience I had was a few months ago. I was standing in front
of the kitchen window. I was upset and worried about a family member who
was having difficulties in his life. I was just standing there with a
glass of tea, looking at the window and worrying. Suddenly I heard my
name being shouted out and at the same time the window started to shake
back and forth. It only shook for about two seconds, but very violenty. I
thought at first there was an earth tremour, but looking around, nothing
else was shaking. Then I thought that someone was outside trying to
break in through the window. After inspecting this I found no one. I
went in to where my husband was sleeping and asked if he had called my
name. He said no. I didn't explain why I asked.

Ten months later, my husband's father passed away. While my husband was
walking down stairs at about 1:30 a.m., he heard his name being called out
in a voice that seemed very far away and urgent. It sounded like someone
was yelling to be heard. He rushed upstairs and woke me up asking if I
had called his name. He looked very frightened. I told him no I had not
and I went back to sleep. The next day he told me that he was so convinced
that someone had called his name that he searched outside our house (at
1:30 a.m.) to see if there was someone outside playing a trick.

Some weeks later, my brother came to visit us and told us of a strange
experience he had. While walking upstairs at his home, he heard his
name being called out by a "far-away voice." He knew he was the only
person in the house. He is a very logical thinker and so he has since
dismissed it as nothing.

After going back and reading this over, I know that if it did not happen
to me I would dismiss it as rubbish coming from a story teller. My
husband and I are skeptics by nature. We actually don't believe in this
sort of thing. It's different when something like this happens to you.
You can't explain it away as hallucinations like you can when it's
someone else who has had the experience.