1. Dream of my future.

2.Dream of flying over my childhood home, school, playground, etc.

3.Flying straight up to sheer blackness then seeing the light. Which is many small lights tightly grouped together to appear as one. This was like no dream that I ever had before, I think of it every day, often several times a day.

4.After waking up I felt what I can only describe as pure love or liquid gold wrapped around my body from behind, like wings. I then heard from right in front of me, crystal clear, REPENT!. I then saw my life pass by me in a split second. I broke down in tears. There IS a God. For some reason I had a great urge to shower. I felt that I was being baptised. Then the wings left me. I was overcome with sadness but was told that they would be close.

There were several more, more intense experiences that followed, but I wish to discuss them with a professional investigater, or a religious person that deals with this type of thing. I need guidance.