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Man has experiences during coma caused by near-fatal accident

On March 13. 2014, I was pronounced dead at the scene of a fatal three-vehicle accident caused by an inattentive driver.

They tell me that they got my heart beating twice on my way to ER and that was enough to get me hooked up to a "new womb" (machine) that could keep my soul (my enteric nervous system or "organs") running while they figured out if my brain (aka: central nervous system and the home of ego) could make the run itself. 

This was my 9-day coma, the psychedelic experience from what I call: "The Logan's Run Mall." It was a dark, smokey day of caverns on different levels, with the ground floor being downtown Oshkosh. I had various confusing hardships on various levels, always looking for something I couldn't find. If I had to narrow it down to one thing I was looking for?

...Just 1 week earlier our 3-month-old was rushed to Milwaukee Neonatal with a staph infection and we'd just gotten her home. But our 3-year-old had swimming lessons and I was on my way home from work with him. I stopped by the YMCA to pick up my then-4-month-old because she had no business in the pool area because of her staph infection. 

I was instantly and innocently killed on my way to pick up my daughter and I believe that's who I was searching the Logan's Run Mall for in the 9 days of my coma. 

Part 2: The Casablanca Club: A Post Traumatic Coma (conscious but not cognizant) psychedelic experience. Suddenly I passed through a doorway, into a big lighted room, but I saw it in black and white, with a bluish hue like an old movie. That and the fact that I was sitting at the head of a table with my family and friends made it feel like I was on the Casablanca Club movie. I went on several excursions from there in the days of incognizance. One involved me and my band's drummer sitting in a Madison bar waiting to play a show that never started. One specific interaction happened twice with one of my "waitresses" who kept trying to make me wash dishes in the kitchen for a party I was having. I came later to find out that was my physical therapist. She told me that it took 2 1/2 weeks to figure out my wrist was broken & it was my vigilante refusal to cooperate that revealed it. 

It was soon after I‘d actually convinced the real world that something was actually what I thought, that I saw my father, who lives in Arizona—I hadn't seen him in years—walking towards my table. I said: “What the f&#k are you doing here?!” He said: “Mike. you're in the hospital. You had an accident.”

At that moment I saw the Milky Way Galaxy and started zooming in... past Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Mars, South America, Lake Winnebago and into my body, in my bed in Theda Clark. That's my story. 

The after-story is best explained as: I didn't unlearn a thing that I learned in the first 40 years of my soul's time in this body with the ego it originally got on 12/05/1973. But that soul has been blessed to reinvent a new ego, identity and perspective of this plane of existence. 

Soon after regaining cognizance, I realized what had happened and, more importantly, what will happen going forward. I had a panic attack. Alone, incapacitated, I’m neuro-triage. It was then I heard a voice say: “Bad things happen, more than good. Any energy you waste fearing bad is energy stolen from loving Good.”  

I call that “TheMandment” because every one of the 10 Commandments Moses had to climb a mountain for falls under the umbrella of “TheMandment”: “Energy wasted fearing bad is energy stolen from loving Good.” 



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