This happened at work and wouldn't be considered an NDE, but my friend and co-worker "Chad" had been out of work for a couple of months due to heart failure and several other serious conditions. I realized he was ill but expected he would be getting better and returning to work at some point (I really didn't understand the extent of his illnesses).

During my lunch hour, I had decided to remain at my desk while most everyone else left for their lunch. Without still remembering at what point this event started, I experienced a conversation "face to face" with Chad. I was turned away from my desk looking towards the desk behind me where Chad was, halfway standing and sitting against the desk in his regular work attire. He wanted me to know that his purpose for being there is for him to tell me that "I" need to know what a good person I am. That was basically his entire dialogue with me. It appeared to be SO IMPORTANT to "him" that I knew and understood what a good person I was. That was his entire message but he kept repeating it to me.

Before I realized it, he just disappeared. I sat dumbfounded just staring at that area of the desk for several minutes until the other girls started filtering back in from lunch. Just about an hour after this, our boss came out and told us that Chad’s wife had just called saying that Chad collapsed at home and they had to rush him to the hospital where they were able to stabilize him, but that they had "almost" lost him.

Chad never came back to work but I have been to visit him a couple of times. I brought this event up to him but he said he has no memory of this. Note Chad is a highly religious and spiritual individual. Now, this was about 5 years ago. I just began reading about NDE'S about 4 years ago. I've never read anything like this kind of experience before where the well person (me) has the memory of it but not the near-death person. I don't know what to make of this.

I have had several experiences in my life pertaining to past members of my family and one person that I have never met before and I've learned to understand and accept the events but this one just leaves me feeling like I'm missing part of the understanding of the event somehow. Can someone explain this to me?