NDE-Like Accounts

Woman is shown life plan after encounter with past-life stranger

My NDLE happened in 2005, approximately 7 months after receiving a mysterious eye-zap from a ballplayer before a game, whom I call Mr. X.

He seemed unaffected by the zap experience, which barraged me with emotions which were buried deep in my mind and heart, and it felt like he knew everything about me, like he could see through me, to the real me. But I don't know him. How could this be? This scene, that only lasted a few moments, started a chain of spiritual events in my life lasting 15 months.

I thought I was losing my mind, like somehow this zap experience had caused some sort of mental disorder. I went into the bookstore searching for answers, flipping through medical journals. A voice from nowhere said, ‘There's nothing wrong with you.’ I left the bookstore in tears and cried all the way home. This wasn't the first time I'd heard this mystery voice! After the zap it told me not to approach the ballplayer. (I was ready to give him a piece of my mind after he zapped me. I wasn't happy about feeling like I was standing exposed in front of him.)

That night, while contemplating these ongoing events, I lay down to relax...I wanted to practice my new-found relaxation technique called ‘meditation.’ I'd heard the word before but really didn't know what I was doing. I figured after all the supernatural events I'd gone through, I needed to find a way to relax and get my mind off of it.

Suddenly I was floating through a dark tunnel, being accompanied by the ballplayer from months earlier. We seemed to know each other very well, like kindred spirits, like we’d done this all before. We were very comfortable on this journey, no fear or apprehension. We had no bodies, yet I knew it was him because his energy was the same energy I felt coming from him when I was zapped months earlier.

We got to the end of the tunnel, to what I call a water-wall (like a waterfall which cannot be seen through). He gently persuaded me to go through it. There was an amazing level of trust with this person. Maybe because he knew the real me...The me without the facade...The me no one had ever seen. I obliged my travelling partner and moved through the water-wall. And once I did, I saw our solar system and could hear a low tone drone. The energy in this place felt different than the tunnel. It was a higher vibration, and although I couldn't see anyone, I could feel their individual energies.

This was home! I remember thinking, ‘Good, I'm back here again.’ It was overwhelming unconditional love...like a high vibrational bear-hug. I turned to see Mr. X, who I could see from this other side of the water-wall, and he could see me. Telepathically I told him to come with me, to see all this beauty, and I waved my hand for him to come. He nodded his head ‘no’ and telepathically told me, ‘This is your experience. I'm just accompanying you.’ It made me sad that he couldn't experience this, that he couldn't feel this loving, non-judgmental, ecstatic energy.

I turned back to take in the universal experience. Off in a distance I could see a bright light that I was very attracted to. There was just light. I never saw anybody. I somehow felt I didn't need to see anyone to coax me in that direction. It was familiar and comforting. I wanted to move towards it when I was telepathically told I'm not going any further, that I had to go back. I was very distraught about having to leave, insisting that I get to stay...I didn't want to go back to earth! I wanted to stay at home.

Then I was shown glimpses of my future life, which appeared in fast-moving clips. I was shown the joy my new life would bring and the people I would help with spiritual gifts. I was also shown how my health would slowly decline, and I would have to deal with new ailments. The spiritual gifts I'm about to receive would come with a price, but I knew it was worth it. Then I realized that I was remembering bits and pieces of my life plan.

Then I opened my eyes and was back on my bed. I immediately wrote down the experience. During the remainder of my15-month experience, I had a life review (while awake) shortly after this NDLE occurred, I’d receive messages/words about various subjects (from an energy I called Maggie), and I saw seven visions of my Civil War lifetime with Mr. X. (I have records from the National Archives of this soldier`s service.)

Since this 15-month-long experience, I have the ability to connect to the other side and give messages to people from their departed loved ones or messages to help guide them to awaken to their path. I like to refer to it as my ‘K-mart blue light special’ light, which is on, keeping the lines of communication free-flowing. Energies come to me. I don't look for them. Although I can feel these energies, I don't try to control who comes forward and who ‘speaks’ to me. My job is to lovingly listen and pass on their love to the human. The beginning of this spiritual experience was the best 15 months of my life....and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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