NDE-Like Accounts

Two experiences, one out of body seeing self in morgue

When I was 9 years old, I was riding my bike and I entered a busy street. My bike was pushed across the street with a force I never felt before, and I felt the wind of the car that missed hitting me by inches.
In 1989, when I was 19, I was driving on the FDR in New York with my friend. I felt a shooting pain in my head and immediately I felt tingling from my head down through my arms. Then my vision started to get blurry. I told my friend, and he took the wheel and told me when to step on the gas and the brake. He got us to the side of the road to where there was a police officer. My friend left the car and came back reporting that maybe my blood sugar was low and that he is going to get off the next exit to get me a chocolate bar. I don't remember us switching seats. Now I was completely blind and didn't know what was happening. I was in and out of consciousness. Next I remember hearing him on a pay phone calling an ambulance and I panicked and felt for the door handle and opened it. I crawled on the sidewalk screaming his name. I could hear people coming up to me asking if I was OK, but I couldn't see anyone.
The next thing I remember is my eyelids being lifted by someone and a light being pointed directly into my eye. I remember opening my eyes in the ambulance for a split second, and then I was in the hospital. I was on a gurney but not sure where I was. Then I was above my body, confused, but I flew through the wall and flew down a long hallway as close to the ceiling as I could be. I can still remember the lights I traveled under. Then I was in the morgue above two doctors who were bald, one more than the other, and both had Scandinavian accents. They were discussing the body that was on a metal table in front of one of the compartments ready to be slid into its spot. They were both saying that they didn't know what happened. Something with her brain one said. Then I flew down to the body, curious as to who it was. It looked like my hair that was sticking out under the sheet that covered this body. Just as I was going to move the sheet to look, I was pulled back by a glowing umbilical cord that was attached to me and in an instant I was pulled through the wall down the long hall, up by the lights just like when I started to the morgue. And then I was slammed into my body and my eyes popped open. The vibration was nothing I had or have ever felt before.
My vision returned, and I managed to get up and go Into the bathroom and got sick from the chocolate bar. I spent hours at the hospital going through tests. There wasn't an MRI at the time so they gave me a cat scan and a spinal tap.. All of which proved there was no bleeding in my brain. They diagnosed me with anxiety, and sent me home with a lot of medication, which I never took.
Needless to say this changed my life, and for years, I never mentioned it. I secretly and vigilantly researched through books trying to make sense of what happened that night.
I've had so many realizations since then and struggled for many years. Before this happened, I had some spiritual and psychic incidents but never paid much attention. Since this happened in 1989, I've had many more spiritual experiences and psychic happenings.


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