NDE-Like Accounts

Girl falls and is healed and cradled by Bigfoot-like beings

I was sent to a Girl Scout camp over the September 29-30th weekend of 1973.  I was only 12.5 years old.
While there I was being bullied by a few girl campers. I was threatened and I jumped with a rope while hanging on the rope over a dry creek bed. I fell and landed on a tree stump and felt my spirit leave my body. This fall was about a 35-50 foot drop. The pain body was too overwhelming for me to stay in. 
I then felt my spirit being held by nature spirits. Seven Bigfoot-like beings and many angels veiled my presence. They all worked on me while the girls that were bullying me went to get the camp supervisors. One Bigfoot-like being held my spirit in his paw/hand. He encouraged me to stay and not go to the wondermous light that was following me. He cradled me. The other Bigfoot beings worked with the angels to repair my pain-ridden body. Broken bones were healed right in front of me.
I so wanted to see the gorgeous white light that was all around me. There was no more fight or struggle with these beings. They saw the whole trauma/drama and they wanted me to know that the struggle was completed. These girls would never harm me again. And they never did say a word about this incident.
My parents were called and I was taken to the hospital for x-rays and a check up. My take-away from this experience was I became much more atuned to others' feelings, even at 12.5 years old. I aged into an adult with ease. I became much more of a intuit at an early age. I am thankful for this experience.

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