As a child, around 3-4 I was repeatedly strangled by a family member.

I recall returning to my body on multiple occasions, and on alternate times, either after the attacks or on alternate nights, floating in the air and then falling from my upper bunk bed and hitting the floor. Additionally, on dozens of nights, I recall a presence drawing me out of bed and I would wander at night alone, walking out into the desert. I presume that presence was drawing me away from the danger.

At thirteen, as I left my parent's house one night, a voice spoke my name very loudly. I ran back in my parent's house and was told I was white as a sheet.

At fourteen, in a traumatic event I threw a family member fifteen feet in the air, though he outweighed me.

At fourteen, a voice told me to push off a cliff as a large rock fell towards me, and I fell 25 feet and lived with few injuries.

At fifteen, I experienced no trauma at that time, yet woke up about 2am to find that I was floating about six feet off the floor and five feet from my bed. I was alone and the entire room was filled with very bright light, like stadium lights at a baseball stadium.

At around 19, I had a vivid vision while awake and speaking to my first wife. It lasted about two minutes, and she stated I seemed in a trance. I had a very detailed vision of getting in a car wreck and two weeks later it happened exactly like the vision.

About 3 years after this, I had another vivid vision and months later it became a reality.

Until I consciously put a stop to seeing ghosts and other energy life forms, I had dozens of sightings in my life.

At 30, I moved a very heavy and large object five other men could not move and I did it with ease. I am of average strength.

At 32, I moved another very heavy and large object with ease.

At 33, an auto accident put me in bed for two years. It affected my brain, vestibular and optic functions. I made the decision, with no fear of death, to commit suicide.

Repeatedly, prior and after, even to this day, periodically I was woken up by door knocking, but no one was at my front door.

A loud voice spoke to me and, angered, I got into an argument with the presence. I was told to paint. I had no interest in painting or doing any form of art. Though an artist when young, I had abandoned all interest in art.

My anger at being told this rose and an argument ensued with the presence. Out of this argument, a challenge was given. I gave the presence one week and then I was going through with my plan. I stated I was not buying any art supplies, had nothing to paint and had no interest. Within a week a random package arrived in the mail with paints and brushes. Two students, at the college I was going to for one credit, randomly walked up to me and said, "Do you want this canvas?"

At the end of a week, I had received art supplies and canvases. I stated to the presence that I didn't care, had no interest in art and had absolutely nothing to paint. I was very angry still. Then my forehead was struck by a brilliant light and my consciousness disconnected from my body, and I had multiple visionary experiences in other realms and in the presence of other beings. Some time later, I woke up on the floor and was alone once again. The first thing I wanted to do was paint what I saw. At times I painted for more than 24 hours or more.

To this day, I have visionary experiences whenever I ask, "What do I paint?" Then my mind gets filled with a vision, and I lose connection to my body. The images I paint have shed light on my own awareness, healing and knowledge.

1999: Three incidents occurred of individuals having significant emotional shifts from viewing one of my paintings.

2012: An energetic being visited me and stayed in my home for a week.

2013: In a group meditation; participants shared unique experiences triggered from meditating on one of my paintings; one experienced an instant healing.

2016: An energetic being visited me and assisted my healing.

These are the basics. My experiences have been too vast and many to list here.