NDE-Like Accounts

As a child, woman remembered life as man who was ill and dying

I had a severe illness as a child and remembered a past life experience of dying in a past life and being born into this present life.

I was an older gentleman in the UK or northwest US in the 19th century. I remember lying in a large dark room in a Victorian house with a fire in the fireplace and having a coverlet with a paisley blanket on it. I was very ill and struggling to breathe. I remember being very sick and feeling bad, then all of a sudden I was out of that body and floating high in the sky with someone else beside me. 

I was shown a landscape below and thought it was the place where I would be reborn. I saw it from a great hight and remember thinking how truly beautiful the landscape was and how the  city looked so small from where I was seeing it. I floated in and somehow made it to the city where I was 'born' into this present life as a small female child.

This happened when I was very young but I remember the details of it my entire life because of the beauty of the scene and the peace  and joy that was involved. because of it, I questioned the 'rules' of everyday life all the time I was growing up. It all seemed to be so much more simple than we are led to believe.

I have a great passion for spiritual growth and learning and have done so all of my life. I'm sure I was told to aquire knowledge and grow as much as I could in this present life! I have had many challenges as we all do, but through it all remained true to my core beliefs of spiritual growth and love of nature.

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