I had a remarkable and scary out of body experience when I was 19. I'm a 38 year old woman now so this was almost 20 years ago. This happened in Finland, North-Europe.

I used to live in a house owned by a couple, in one room. The room was tiny, meant to be a nursery room, but it was my first very own place and I liked it. I had room for one stay over guest at atime only, and one time I did have a guest staying over. She was sleeping on my sofa I used as my bed whilst I slept on a mattress, placed in front of the tall built-in cupboards. Their doors were light wood in color and decorated with these tiny wooden frames, which created a down-running lattice/grate, exactly the same way as turned blindfolds do. This is an important detail.

I was on my stomach, waiting for the sleep to arrive. My hands were under my pillow and I had turned my head towards these cupboard doors. My eyes were closed but I didn't feel sleepy, nor did I fall asleep. I suddenly felt like someone would be yanking my legs upwards from my ankles. Like hands around my ankles, yanking up, up, very high up, twice. I thought to myself that this feels odd and it shouldn't be possible. My knees can't bend upwards like that, not in that angle and that high as I felt the yanking taking my legs.

Then, there was a 3rd yank by these invisible hands and with that, I was yanked out from my body at a really fast pace. In a matter of less than a second I was in a complete darkness.

“Oh no, I'm out of my body!" I yelled at myself, horrified, but I had no voice. I knew with 100% certainty that I was out of my body and that my body was somewhere far, far, far, very far away. It felt similar as if you were suddenly thrown out from your own bed into a rural area on the other side of the globe without any idea of where you are and how to get home, and this would happen in less than a second.

This darkness I ended up into - literally into - is very hard to describe. There was nothing in there. NOTHING. Not even darkness as darkness didn't exist. Nothing existed there. There was no time, no space, no direction, no smell, no sound, no wind, no distance, no gravity or lack or gravity, nothing. I could tell that the darkness was really thick and dense somehow but I have no words to describe that sense accurately either. The darkness there was exactly the same as in rural areas with no light where you can't see anything, not even your own hand in front of your face. But, unlike rural areas' physical darkness, this darkness didn't envelope me. It just existed around me without existing at the same time, as nothing existed in this odd place. It doesn't make any sense when I say that not even nothingness existed in this place but that's how it felt. Words really make no sense when I try to describe that utter darkness and lack of everything.

 I had no idea where I was or how I could get back to my body. I was scared, absolutely horrified.

I had started to study spirituality and embarked on a spiritual journey around 6 months prior to this incident. By no means I was religious - never had been as Finland isn't a religious country by any standards. My first attempts to understand the spiritual nature of the world came from New Age texts, spiritual teachers, reiki, auras, numerology, astrology and similar. I had discovered the existence of angels as guardian beings for all humans and any other entities and creatures out in the whole universe. I didn't know what else to do, so after standing there in that darkness, absolutely horrified, for a few seconds, I yelled: "Angels, please help me! I'm out of my body and I don't know how to get back!"

A second or two later, two beings, clearly men, came rushing to me. They arrived in a swift motion, like being teleported on the scene and then doing a soft, quick slide from left to right in front of me. I didn't see their faces yet I knew what they looked like. They both had a similar kind of hairstyle as Dimitri in the animated movie Anastasia does; short from back, long from top and divided to both sides of the head to long bangs. Other one had brown hair while the other guy was blond. The brown haired guy had a long robe which was tinted with softly radiant blue tint. The blond guy had a similar robe but his tint was golden. They both radiated their colors slightly around their robes, and around their bodies. But more around their robes. Both had a very fair skin color, almost white. Their robes were tied with a narrow, simple belt, similar color to their robes. I knew immediately that they were angels. Their arrival to me was so quick but I think I saw the blond angel having a golden color spread to his sides as a wing-like shape but when they settled down with me, neither one of them had wings or any wing-shaped colors or radiance.

The brown-haired angel took a hold of my left hand and the blond took a hold of my right hand. They were so, so much taller than I was and yet, I was able to hold my hands comfortably in theirs, without needing to lift my hands up at all. Their palms didn't feel big either or actually separate from me. It was like our hands just melted together.

Suddenly, we weren't in the darkness anymore. We were outside, standing in the air, slightly above an old telephone pole. It was a summer night outside, even when this out of body experience was happening in November, one of the darkest polar months. The summer night was calm and peaceful, somewhere in a rural area of the country.

First, I saw my bare feet and the telephone pole underneath my feet and then, I was watching this scenery and myself, standing up in the air with these angels, further away from the ground level, from next to one of these birch trees on my left. I was in two places at the same time! I couldn't believe it! I was able to look at the scenery at ease from this 3rd person perspective: The telephone poles stood next to a sandy rural road, and both sides of it there were little summer fields, growing soft, wild grass. Both fields led to a spruce forest and the field behind me, which was standing in the air, had an old, abandoned hay barn, which people used for storing dried hay and hay poles for drying the hay up till the 80's. On the left from the up-in-the-air-me, there were birch trees and some bushes from where I was watching myself standing in the air with these angels. 

This 3rd person vision by me about me took a few seconds. Then I was back looking at my bare feet and the telephone pole underneath me, thinking what if my hand slips? If either of myhands slips now from the hold of these angels, what will happen? I will probably end up somewhere horrible and far away again, right? Oh no, what if my hand slips?!

"Don't worry. I can carry you," said the blond angel on my right. He was able to hear my thoughts.

Then, I was back again in this darkness in a blink of an eye. The brown haired angel was gone, but the blond guy was with me. He had picked me up into his arms without me noticing anything. He was holding me bridal style in his upper arms because he was so, so, so huge! His forearms with his palms curled above me to protect me, and he pushed his chin over my body, too, to protect me with his head. I had my arms around his neck and I couldn't reach around, not even close! I'm 153cm tall which is 5'0 in America. So my arms' length from the tip of my fingers to others is around the same. The angel's neck had to be around 2 meters, 6'5, if not wider. I did some math and if an average man's neck size is 40,5cm - 16 inches -  and he's 185cm / 6 feet tall, then this blond angel was at least 9,25 meters / 30 feet tall.

He was very pretty, what I remember about him, as I was mainly staring at his neck, too shy to look at him. He had a nice side profile and very calm expression. His features were rather elegant Caucasian ones. He was handsome with a straight nose and thin lips and strong jawline. He never had eye contact with me but kept looking straight all the time. I have a feeling his eyes were blue. His hair was more golden than blond when I saw him close and his skin was almost as white as his golden tinted robe. The sleeves of his robes rolled down to his elbows when he curled his forearms and palms to give me cover.

His body was clearly solid. I could feel his neck which was thick and muscular, and his biceps and his chest I was slightly leaned against were solid, too. Like touching a physical being. There was the same sense of density as with a living human even when I knew he was an angel. He didn't have body warmth nor was he cold either. In that way, his skin felt "inanimate" with the lack of any better word. Like a surface of a table instead of a surface of a living human body.

I was astounded. Not so much at being there with an angel but baffled that he was so concerned about me. That he cared about me. I can't say that I have had many good experiences of men, guys or boys by the age 19 - well not much of any people to be honest - so it baffled me that someone I didn't know was ready to be so considering about my well-being, and took my worry of my hands slipping so seriously. I stayed in his hold for a while, baffled, and then managed to compose myself and to stutter at him saying: "Thank you very much, but I'm actually really scared and just want to go back home." I remember speaking with my mouth, not telepathically.

"Of course. I'll take you back home," he replied. I could hear him in my head but I don't recall seeing his lips moving.

The next thing I knew I saw my body on the mattress but my vision was spinning like crazy. Almost comically, the same way as there are spinning effects in old cartoons. The spinning was so fast that I mainly just saw colors. The pace just kept getting faster the closer to my body I got. Then, I was able to see the cupboard's doors with their blindfold-like details even when my physical body had its eyes closed. I felt how the angel who was with me placed me gently back to my body, starting from the feet and laying down my head the last. After that he spoke to me: "You can start to gently wake yourself up now." With that, he meant my body, which had entered into standby mode when my soul wasn't in it.

I jolted up a few seconds later, far from any gentle waking up. My eyes shot open but my vision never changed as I had already seen the whole room while my eyes were closed. My vision never disappeared or dimmed or changed. I was watching it all with my soul until my eyes opened and then I was watching the same scenery with my eyes.

I couldn't sleep for many hours. I was too afraid I was going to pop out from my body at random again. I kept asking the angels to keep me in my body and not let me leave suddenly like that again. I was terrified. It left me afraid of spontanious OBEs for the rest of my life.

Later, with the practice of my spiritual skills - I am nowadays a qualified psychic - I learned the names of these angels: Ptolemaios and Athamaios. The blond angel called Athamaios is my guardian angel, while the brown haired angel was just visiting. I got a sensation that they know each other very well. Years passed and I stumbled upon near-death experiences, where many people described the same empty darkness as I had been in. Now I know that it is a space between the worlds of the living and the spirit, and nothing really exists in there. Exactly as I had felt.

The weird experience of myself watching myself from a 3rd person's perspective didn't get any explanation until 10 years later when I found a remarkable near-death experience. Anita Moorjani, who had had this experience, said that she was able to see everything, her own self included, from a 360 degrees perspective from any angle at any time. There was no physical limitation for her ability to view something because souls have no physical limitations. Until her experience, I thought that I must have imagined it even when I knew it wasn't the case. I had really been watching myself from that 3rd person perspective while being up in the air with the angels at the same time.

With this experience I can certainly say that souls exist, angels exist, we all have a guardian angel whether weFinn believe even in the existence of such things. It doesn't matter who we are, what we believe in, what is our faith, what we have done, etc. We all have our guardian angel and all other angels are always ready to help us out. I also know there's no such thing as death. Dying itself as a process can be difficult but as I have existed clearly outside of my body, as my own self, exactly the same way as I sense myself in my body, I know my body will be left behind but I myself, as my true self, will continue onwards after death.