I was ten years old in October 2016 and was riding in my grandparents’ car. They had picked me up from school that day and were driving me to their house and then out to a restaurant to meet my parents for dinner. In the backseat, I was stressing about my history homework--I had forgotten it at school and was thinking about how I would have to do so much work the next day, which was the biggest thing in the world to a ten-year-old.

The thoughts were turning in my anxious mind when I suddenly thought the words, “Everything’s going to be okay.” But they weren’t my thoughts. It was like someone else had sent this thought to me, clear and audible in my head, which is probably the best I can describe it. (I wonder if this is what telepathy feels like.) The second I thought this, any stress or tension I felt disappeared and I was enveloped in a feeling of complete love and peace. I was being held and embraced and comforted and so unconditionally loved and accepted by a being that I believe was God. I sat there for a bit, just simply being and letting this warm feeling of love embrace me. Then it began to fade away.

All of this was only about two minutes long, yet it is something I will always remember. Every single day I yearn and pray to feel this presence again, but I’ve felt nothing--I hope I do someday.