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Woman shares lifetime of mystical experiences

As a child, I had an experience where I was walking to the barn with my sister.  I looked up into the sky, and the next thing I remember, I could only hear geese, loud and all around me.  I couldn't see anything but blue, and felt like I was "up" or "above."  I woke up on the ground.  As a child, I also had a profound experience of a visitation from a being that did not seem human.  He was friendly, and I felt like I knew him.  I never forgot the experience, but I couldn't place it into normal life, and eventually stopped looking for answers around it.  Just recently, during a past-life and beyond-life regression, I learned that he is my guide.  

In my early 20's, I had an experience where I was in two places at once.  This shook me, and was verified by my partner at the time, who was sleeping next to me.  He put his hand over my forehead, saying "I don't like that dream you're having."  It snapped me back fully into my body, and he rolled over, away from me. He has no memory of this.  

I have always have profoundly real-feeling dreams, and have had several prophetic dreams over the years.  They led me to explore different religions and spiritual practices.  In 2010 I started having increasingly vivid dreams about orbs visiting me and showing me visions of the future.  The dreams were incredibly real and over the course of a few months, I changed my entire life due to what I was shown.  I dreamed of a time when the earth was undergoing great upheaval and transformation, and that I would need to be ready.  I was also given information and taught things that still ring true today. 

During that time, I also had several out of body experiences, precipitated by sleep paralysis.  I left my body, and a being would accompany me as I traveled. I could float out of the room, out of the house, and over the landscape.  The colors and light were different than in waking life, but otherwise everything was the same.  I often had auditory hallucinations and "exploding head" syndrome.  I heard very clear voices saying my name. 

Sleep paralysis started out very frightening for me, with all of the typical feelings that people describe.  One night after fighting and struggling against it for hours, I finally, consciously, surrendered. I decided to see what would happen if I stopped fighting. This experience is what I consider my only NDE.  (My other experiences I consider solely OBE's.)  Immediately I had the sensation of my body vibrating, and heard a buzzing that grew louder and louder.  The buzzing eventually separated into distinct sounds and I realized that by focusing on a particular sound, I could see what was making it.  I realized that I was hearing every sound on earth simultaneously.  If I focused, I could see and be the thing creating the sound, and also at the same time continued to experience all sound simultaneously.  I was everywhere at once. 

Next, my body began to fizz and separate into millions of tiny champagne-like bubbles.  I could feel my body dissolving and separating, and it was scary.  I also noticed that my consciousness was not dissolving but was no longer connected to a physical body. I was in darkness, in space, noticing my physical self-dissolving, and then noticed a being off to my right, and above me.  It was not in a physical form, either, but was clearly beckoning me towards a portal of some kind.  I could see the tiny champagne bubbles that had been me being sucked into the center of a geometrically shaped portal or vacuum.  I could feel my consciousness being sucked into that place as well.  I knew beyond any doubt that, if I went through the portal, the other side is where you go when you die.  I don't know how else to describe it.  Part of me was already through, and I was being helped and watched over by the being, but then I became terrified, and suddenly was sucked back into my physical body.  I sat bolt upright in bed, and looked around.  My heart was pounding.  I finally laid back down to sleep and as soon as I did, I was transported to my childhood home and land.  I could see the forest against the sky, and right at the horizon, several huge light beings came up out of the horizon line.  I understood they were my guides, and they were there for me when I was ready.  

I have had many other OBE's throughout the years, and in late 2019, just before COVID-19 came to light, I began having them again frequently.  During one of them, I left my body and communicated with my guides.  I had gone to lie on the couch during the night, and after the communication, I walked into the bedroom to rejoin my boyfriend in bed.  I was standing in the hallway and noticed the light had an odd quality.  My boyfriend sat up and looked at me.  I looked down and realized I wasn't in my body.  I went back to the couch and saw my body lying there.  I laid down on top of my body, and felt myself go through it.  I sat up again to go to bed, and again realized that I was not back in my body.  I laid down again and wiggled my arms and legs, trying to get back into my body.  It scared me a little!  I finally got back in my body and went to bed.  My boyfriend verified the next morning that he saw me standing in the hallway. 

As a result of all of this, and to answer many other questions, I scheduled a soul regression, and life between life regression with a well-known therapist.  That experience gave me information that deeply shocked me, but made very clear my life mission and purpose here.   I would like to share my mission with as many people as possible, and am working on writing a book. 


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