At age ten, my three brothers and I slept on the same feather tick as children. My Uncle Tom came over late and came upstairs to wake us to say hello (he was like that) and I recall vividly being on the ceiling (the roof was pitched, similar to a barn roof shape). I could see myself, my two brothers and my Uncle Tom sitting on the bed, waking us up, and my brothers giving him hugs and hellos. Except for me. They had to "shake" me awake and suddenly I was "back in my body." I was too young to know what was going on, but it's as if it happened yesterday. At the time, I was not sick or ill.

At age 34, whether it was a vivid "lucid dream" or a true OBE, I recall sitting on the surface of what appeared to be the moon and looking down on the earth. I was in space, but it was not dark as one would expect. I recall looking at my arms, hands, legs etc., and they appeared to be transparent, with streaking blue lights moving back and forth inside. My environment, directly above, was bright gold, blue, yellows, oranges, and appeared to be a dimension different than the physical one. It was a horizon that seemed endless. Directly above the horizon was a planet, eclipsed, as if in normal orbit around a star. It was as if I could reach out and touch it, yet it was far away at the same time.

I remember thinking to myself that I'm either dreaming, or truly out of my body. As I was enjoying that view, I had a thought of grade school...why? I do not know, but suddenly I was in a grade school, an older school as in the 1940s. I had never been there, but it was all so familiar and comforting.

Those types of places, foreign, yet familiar to me, seem to be persistent. Now, I lucid dream all of the time and I recall all of them. I can no longer wear a watch without discomfort. Light seems to be bothersome. I can almost "sense" the emotional states of people. My natural intuition has increased 10-fold.

Before I was a social worker. Now, I am a mechanical engineer. However, testing has shown that I use both sides of my brain almost equally, but I am more left-dominant. I think in logical terms, mathematically, yet I am a creative musician. I seem to have indications of hyperthymesia (as indicated by my psychologist friend). After my first experience, I was able to recall in-depth locations, numbers, events, etc., and it's only become worse, in the rhetorical sense.

Hobbies and interests remained relatively the same. However, music has almost physical properties for me. Heightened mechanical ability, hence my degree in mechanical engineering, statistics, and my ability to learn and retain almost anything. My nickname has become "MacGyver," if that sets a tone. :-)

Post-experience has granted me heightened intuition, learning ability, empathic abilities, intuition that cannot always be put into words but that clearly defines the experience. I just "know" that people are more than their physical bodies / lives.

Negative energy has a severe "draining" effect on me. I cannot stand to watch TV anymore, with all of the scripted narratives, political division, evil in the world and other negative aspects. I can tell when people are being dishonest with me, whether they're genuine or "BSers."

I have always had the ability to recall a great portion of my childhood: locations, addresses, sights, smells, sounds. Even though I have a concrete grasp of linear time, physics, quantum physics, science and mathematics, I still feel as if I'm in a looped "moment." My body is growing old, my mind is increasing in ability / capacity, however my "self" is in the moment from my experience, forward. It was a convergence moment that has stayed.