My experience is, I think, an STE. It also is composed of actually two events.

The first event is a dream I had in November 2000. The dream was "sky high." As I have many years’ experience in keeping a dream journal and working with analyzing dream material, I already, when I was just waking up, realised how special this dream was.

In the dream, I was floating in Space in between the stars. The whole time there was utterly beautiful. Most beautiful was the sort of "filled" silence or should I say meaning. All was embossed with meaning and love. Some beautiful "music" accompanied my "trip" floating in this dark void, that was anything but empty. The stars were unreal in their beauty and clarity. I was not in my body, but was sort of "pure consciousness," yet still very distinctly "me."

One specific detail was that I (and others around me) were propelled around with a sort of golden-glittering light-propel on the top of our "heads." I felt so safe and so happy. I had no other wishes or cravings. I was completely fulfilled in a thousand ways and levels. Everything was calm, in order, and full of action or exchange at the same time. Very difficult to explain, but a sense of cosmic ecstasy.

When fully awake I was deeply moved by this dream. However it was only years after that the full "potential" of it came to my mind, followed by a question which is still "active" in me.

In August 2001, I gave birth to a lovely son. 

When he was 4 years old, I one day had a conversation with him, which revolved around "where the babies come from." My son had a very different view of this than what the children were taught in kindergarten or at home for that matter. He explained to me how the babies "come from Space, though out there they are invisible." He seemed so clear and non-disturbed and sort of "wise and knowing" when he continued: "Mamma, some of the babies don't want to get born or are in doubt. I, for instance, had to look for a very, very long time, until I found you. Then I immediately thought ah! There she is, that's her, she is the right one! So I flew into you. Of course, at that time, I didn't know if I would become a boy or a girl. I also flew out again once, without you knowing it. We come here more than one time."

So this explanation might resemble perhaps a sort of knowledge he still could access, from before he was born. It was not knowledge he could have known from anywhere else. 

I will try to explain what happened inside me at this instant. Because EVERYTHING that I had EVER done or been became meaning. Not only meaningful (I can't remember ALL or EVERYTHING I've done or been from -at the time- the past 44 years, let alone to be able to regard all my faults and shortcomings meaningful). Nevertheless, this was the state of mind I was instantly and surprisingly rushed into. Not a single detail of what can be considered my entire life was left out. In this "dimension" it all made sense: good, bad, wrongs, neglects, wins, shouting, being pretty, being unsure of my self - and a cacophony of other things, clearly belonging to who I am and all of it was part of that whole that now was illuminated by meaning. It went way beyond the otherwise huge and fulfilling sense of becoming a mother, and the meaningfulness of giving and caring for new life. All of it was just part of a perfect pattern, from which nothing was left out. 

When I do the math and as well check with my husband, what happened on the evening before my Sky High dream, we can prove that that was the time of my son's conception (he was born exactly 40 weeks minus one day afterward). However it was only upon having the mentioned conversation with my son, and its effect on me, that I started connecting the dots with that dream and the date I had dreamt it.

I have come to think of the place I went to in my dream as the same place my son was talking about - "where the babies come from" - instead of babies, one might say "souls."

So when I put the pieces together, the question I am still wondering: Could my dream be a sort of out of body experience melting with my son-to-be's spirit in space? If we as human beings can experience these realms in the timeline FROM the body/physical TO the higher realm (in NDE or the moment of death), can we then not also experience it FROM the higher realm TO the body/physical (in the moment of becoming)? And if we can meet deceased in these realms, why not future relatives that might be active from their part of the process, as my son's explanation indicates?

Is it perhaps possible that my son-to-be was at a sort of clearer level than usual in his spirit search for the right mother, that this intention and the connection made could "pull" me out there? It does seem quite farfetched perhaps. But I wonder. Especially in the light of what it felt like when he spoke to me of the events, at four years old.

The time of his birth was given correctly and very precisely to me in a dream, which could later be verified.

I will mention that my son has had other special events occurring around him and inside him when growing up (he will turn 18 soon). He also has gone through two, planned and successfully conducted, open heart surgeries (at 9 months old and 6 years old). 

Throughout his childhood and now in his adolescence, we have remained very close.