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Young man ascends during spiritual quest

This is an experience I had at the age of twenty-four. Previous to this I was morally unbalanced. I was unsure about the importance of "Right vs. Wrong" in behavior and acted as such. I had, however, been mostly sober for a long time. I never really drank much but used recreational drugs occasionally, and I decided to forgo drugs totally for spell just to live cleaner.

I was intentional in my spiritual quest but was not following a specific doctrine or yoga. I was simply living with an intention to ascend in thought and spirit. To better myself according to ancient values, universal values, that being: rooted in Love as God, Love as the basis for life behavior, and turning to brotherhood and sisterhood whenever possible. I was not living in a bliss-ninny illusion, however, as life on Earth can be brutal. I was tortured as a child, and I simply wanted to be the best person I could be in the face of this fact. 

My compass was the ancient wisdoms I read about and my intuitive feelings. 

This was the zenith of my early adulthood awakening.

It started as a dream....

I found myself shooting up above the Earth until I could clearly see the globe spinning from outer space. I found myself hovering with some company; there were two entities present. One was the spirit I know as Jesus/The love source/Pure Sweetness/my closest friend but more than that this entity IS me also, a part of me, but my highest expression. Perhaps the highest expression of life. This spirit is me and is itself, and would be the same to you. If this is confusing, let me assure you that when you meet this spirit (again), it will all make beautiful sense.

This spirit would be easy to call an archetype, I understand. It exists and whether we created the love form or vice versa....it is the most tender and sweetest love possible between us all.  I was accompanied by another benevolent spirit or Angel who merely stayed close by us but never spoke. This quiet spirit had a definite gravitas, a powerful feeling, a safe and guiding love...emanating friendship and goodwill.  Both spirits were hovering slightly behind me and just out of sight behind each shoulder. The Jesus spirit communicated telepathically. As we looked at the Earth, we saw small dramas or vignettes pop up out of the various continents. Little stories playing out, illustrated as though a cartoonist were drawing them.

After a while I was told that the cartoon figure that we all saw now was a representation of RAM or RAMA, an east Indian spirit who was dead or had died and was now going to reincarnate. I was told he was going to next become a Russian Orthodox priest, to show me that all religions are a path to the same God. I saw RAMA descend down into the Earth in India, and emerge up out of the Earth in Russia fully robed and bearded as a Russian Orthodox Priest.

As the dream receded and I slowly became lucid I had the sensation of my whole bed feeling as though it was riding up and down on waves in the sea. My feet going up first then my head as if riding a low frequency vibration which increased until I started to vibrate. At a very high rate of vibration I started to hear the vibration as a sound which went up in frequency slowly. First, I heard a low buzzing, then a low tone, then eventually a high note. Higher and higher until a sweet beautiful pure tone was coursing through my whole being body-mind-soul. The tone ventured higher, far beyond human hearing. As the vibration went higher, my bliss was increasing. It felt like all of my molecules just dispersed and I became free and expansive. I was holy...and pure.

I was bathed by a white light that cannot be described. Inside this light it is wrought with all the love of the universe. This light has substance and intelligence. The light contains all the data ever conceived. It was infinite information that I had access to simply by way of being one with it. The light was love and used love, love being the only medium capable of communicating infinity. ...I was informed (which is an inadequate way to describe it) that this light is "where we came from." It was expressed to me simply by way of realizing the fact that I already knew this. I was being "remember/informed" all at once...the medium of expression was love.

I became one with the light, expanding to the size of the universe. I distinctly remember thinking, "Wow, now I see how big The United States is." I just had no other reference for being that large. As the blissful feeling saturated me I knew that I was having a profound experience. The light is a study in maintaining even a small semblance of self while being assaulted with bliss so powerful as to render one into disintegration. I was repeating," Holy Shit!" over and over. Funnily, I was totally lucid and still had my "personality." I felt as though my expanded self was a giant ball with the interior of the ball paved with eyeballs....so that I could "see" from every perspective at once. It was omniscient vision. 

I remember tuning into something that sounded like radio static. As I focused on this radio static I realized that the static was a "voice"...and if I focused I could interpret this frequency. I received this message, "Go home, your search is at home."
I then did something very human. I got scared. My ego told me that this was crazy and perhaps dangerous. I immediately shrunk back down into my body abruptly. It was all over. 
From that day on I no longer feared death, I was with God and I was a believer, and I dedicated my life to uplift. The details of religion were unimportant to me; it was the love, the brotherly love, that was the nectar.


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