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OBE during seizure reassures young woman from India

My NDE/OBE happened during a seizure in the midnight of September 2013. It was caused due to a blood clot in the left frontal lobe of my brain. I saw myself in the mirror with a single streak of blood from the right corner of my lips. I bit my tongue into 2 pieces during the seizure.  I felt no pain and I was calm and quiet. I was not in my body. I was seeing from above. Then I saw my body sitting in the left front seat of our then red Hyundai car and my husband is driving into a huge black steel gate and stopped in front of a building complex. 

After some time (a few moments later), I floated down from bright light into a place with white curtains with many partitions. The light is still bright like it is the only presence and is everywhere. I moved from one corner of the wall, went around and settled in one spot. I was seeing all these times but felt like seeing through my already opened eyes. A lean man with wires and tubes all over his body was looking at me. I was thinking with my consciousness, ‘why this man is staring at me?’ and sensed that he is in the ICU for renal failure. I slowly started to feel my eyes, mouth and my physical body. At that time a person dressed in white was brushing my teeth, wiping my mouth with a cotton swab. I realized that I am in the ICU of some hospital and the person attending to me in the nurse. I gave a mild shiver and asked the nurse - "Where am I? Why am I here...?"

The nurse immediately called the doctors and informed them that I have regained consciousness. After the initial check-ups, my husband came and I immediately hugged him with tears in my eyes and said, "I am back, you don’t need to worry anymore." (My husband is not able to recall me saying this, so I assume it only felt that way.) Then the rest of my family came and my children ran to me after school. After the initial meeting, they had a little fun with the way I talked and how my tongue looked. They very gently held my tongue together for a few seconds every time they visited me in the hospital.

My husband did not tell me anything other than I got seizures in the middle of the night and we went to the hospital. I did not want him to recall an unpleasant situation and to remember his fear of losing me. He told me that I was not responding and was in a semi-coma state for almost a day. The reports said the same. The clot was dissolved on its own and the blood flow re-channelized by itself. Though they did medicate me to bring me into a normal active state. 

I still try to remember what happened after I saw everything from above (when I was floating) until I floated down from the bright light. I do not remember or recall any of the in-between. I do not fear death. Dying is very peaceful, calm and absolutely no pain.  I only fear not coming back to the same body and this life. And I strongly believe and sense that I came back because I do not want to let go of this body and this life.

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