At the age of 7, I was playing with a discarded powder compact given to me by my mother. She accompanied me upstairs, ostensibly to put me to bed. I was not sleepy but had no objection to going there. My mother left to go downstairs and I lay in bed in a relaxed but completely aware state, continuing to dab my nose with the shreds of remaining powder.

I remember asserting mentally that I wish I could see myself. The next thing I knew a being of intensely bright white light appeared before me. The head appeared to be solid with blue eyes while the remainder of the being consisted of unformed, wavering white light with the merest hint of pastel flowers amongst the white light. Rays of intense white light radiated out for around 6 feet, appearing to originate from between the shoulder blades (or where they should have been). The light was so intense I felt that it would have blinded me under different circumstances.

I was perfectly calm at the time as I thought I was seeing an angel, which was ok as I had heard about them in Sunday School. However, being somewhat analytical then, as now, I suddenly thought, "Hold on, angels are supposed to have wings!". This thought made me study the being more closely. I then recognised the fact that that I was looking into my own blue eyes and the being was, in fact, ME!

This immediately launched me into a state of confusion and panic as I had no idea how this could be. I began to shriek. This, of itself, was interesting as the physical "me" was shrieking and the ethereal "me" was looking concerned ... the look centering mainly in the eyes as the mouth remained closed.

My mother came running up the stairs at the sound of screaming. At the age of 7, I had no way to describe what had happened as I had no point of reference.