A car was coming towards me in my lane, head on.  

I had one second to decide what to do. I pressed my brakes a few times to warn cars behind me. To the left I saw a store, people pumping gas and a telephone pole. Then I remembered what my son, who was currently in driver's education, said to me.  When one is involved in a similar circumstance, the driver should always turn right in case the other driver corrects himself. So, I turned right, hit a curb and a hill; at the same time the car hit the rear left side of my van.  

While in the air, my map and other things slowly went by, then an unrecognizable voice said to me "Do you want to go now?"  I felt surprised, thought a second, then in my mind I said, "No I want to raise my boys."  The three of them were with me.  

We rolled several times and stopped.  My son had a bruised lung, I hurt my neck and back.  Overall, we all made it through fine.  The man that hit us died.  Our dog jumped out as soon as we stopped and ran up the hill.  A few minutes later she was found in the back seat of the man's car that hit us.  

It's hard to say how I felt after considering the circumstances.  But later I remembered and felt very grateful my boys and I were saved.  I did receive permanent injuries but my incompetent lawyer left me with $10,000.  But my gratefulness overrode my dismay.