At the time of my experience, I was in emotional and financial turmoil.

Anyway, I have always had an interest in the spiritual side of things, but didn't really have much knowledge of it.  In my lunch break from work, I would go to a New Age/Spiritual shop to look at their various products and books. I just loved the atmosphere in there.

One day I saw a notice for an Indian Massage. Not really knowing what it entailed, I just went ahead and booked a session anyway. At the session, there was a lovely English girl who asked me questions about what was happening in my life and so I poured out all my woes to her. She then went on to rub my back and shoulders a little and placed a neck support around my neck and told me she was going to place both her hands above my head without touching me and for me to relax and close my eyes.

This is when my experience started. I immediately was in this deep forest. I was curled up in the gigantic roots of an enormous tree. I then started to think of something I had to do that day and I floated up to the right and was stopped by bumping into something that felt soft and spongy, like a marshmallow. At the same time I was told, "No, go back down and rest," by a gentle and kind voice. I never saw anyone or anything. So, I floated back down and curled up under the tree again. I had no sense of having a body.

I then glanced up to the top of the tree canopy and without seeing anyone, I felt this all-consuming/encompassing love, compassion, and a feeling a being safe and protected. It was a truly wondrous feeling. It permeated the air, the trees, everything. It's very hard to describe in words, it's just such a strong, strong feeling. I believe now that it was God's love.

There was light, but it wasn't very bright. There was a path cutting through the forest, which was totally enclosed by a tree canopy. There was no sense of temperature at all, but if I had to describe it, it was a perfect temperature. It then ended.

I was back in the room, with the girl telling me the session had finished. I quickly told her what I had experienced, as she was showing me to the door and she said, she had asked spirit to help me with my situation, as she had placed her hands over my head. She said what I had just experienced was a gift. When I went to the main counter to pay, the girl there said, "That's where we are all going when we die." I was bewildered; I had no idea what had happened to me and so I thought, "What? Was that heaven?"  

When I went outside to the bright, busy streets of the city of Sydney and saw everyone busily rushing around, I didn't want to be there. I wanted to go back to that beautiful forest. I don't fully know why I was lucky enough to have had this experience. I have been trying to understand it ever since.  A recent message I received when I asked "why?" was, "To show you that you are loved." Well, there you go, as simple as that. I have listened to many NDEs and when they mention this all-consuming love, I know what they are talking about. I wish everybody could know what this beautiful love feels like. We are, all, unconditionally loved by God or the Universe or whatever you wish to call it. We are here to be love and to give love, to be helpful and kind to everyone we come in contact with, unconditionally.