NDE-Like Accounts

I felt this great powerful force around me

This happend in 1974 in Fairbanks, Alaska on a Sunday. I was 23.

I went to church that Sunday night and felt like I needed to get closer to God, like something was missing and I needed God to help me with the answer. But it didn't happen. I left the church that night a little down. I guess I was wanting an answer right away. I went to bed like always and it seemed like I went to sleep very fast.

Then it all started out like a dream. I was standing on a hillside with someone, but did not see the person. But I know the person was there and we were looking up at the evening sky. We saw a bright light like the moon but brighter, and it was beautiful. I had never seen anything like it before. Then I told the person with me to go and get a camera and take a photo--we will never see something like this again. The person left.

Then the dreem stopped and it became very real. The light I saw was coming down at me very fast and turned into a very big beautiful bright white and blue ring of light. It grew bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter until I couldn't see anything but white. Then I was moved from the hillside to a field of tall grass. Then I could hear what sounded like jet aircraft coming up from behind me very fast. As I turned to look, I turned to my right and it got louder and louder. Then I saw the trees bow over to where the light came from. Then there was no sound at all. It was dead silent, but I could still see the wind going through the trees. And I felt this great powerful force around me.

Then there was a beautiful white mist or cloud wrapped around me and I could not see anything but white. For some reason I felt like I needed to look up, and when I did, I heard this booming voice and I knew who it was. And I said, "Thank you, Jesus." Then it was like a rocket ride. I went straight up faster and faster. I had never felt that kind of g force before. Then I slowed up and was floating and for a moment it was dark. I couldn't see anything. Then I looked down to see if my body was there. But I did not have a body any more.

Then the mist or bright white cloud wrapped around me and I was floating in it. I had never felt so peaceful and loved. Then I had questions as to why I am here and who am I and what am I. I could not remember my name or anything about my time on earth or anyone on earth, but it felt like it didn't matter any more.

Then I asked if I could see my God. The voice in the white cloud said not right now. Then the voice started talking to me, but very fast sometimes; so fast, I couldn't keep up. Then I was told don't worry you have everything you need to know. And it will come back to you as you need it. Then I said, "Okay, I understand."

Then I woke up in my bed, saying, "No, no, I don't want to be here; bring me back."  Then I started crying. I was happy and sad all at the same time and wanted to go back to sleep and go back. I remember this just like it was yesterday. I haven't forgotten anything for over 43 years!

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