On the morning of September 14, 2017, I had gotten up, proceeding with my normal routine.

I had taken my shower, packed my lunch, and was ready to begin my work day. I headed to the bus, listening to Schiller "I've Seen It All" on my way to work. I don't drive because of an extremely bad car accident many years ago. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depressive disorder and am still being treated for it, to this day.

After getting off the bus, I was always ready for my 1 mile walk. During my walk on this day, all that entered my mind was my NDE in 2015. The wind was blowing pretty strong, leaving me to feel in my comfort zone. Air is my primary element, fire is my secondary element. I have grown to love nature since my NDE. The 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, are a big part of my religion(s).

My 2015 NDE kept gnawing at me and wouldn't leave me alone! During my NDE in 2015, I saw the number 104 burning in flames to the left of me. In my 2015 NDE, I was wearing a black skirt and white shirt with a black roses design on my shirt. 

Nonetheless, on my walk to work, and when I finally approached my workplace building, a feeling of spiritual heaviness consumed me. I knew something was going to happen; however, I wasn't sure exactly what. I walked through the building, over to my desk, sat down at my desk, and suddenly static electricity began to resonate throughout my feet. I ignored that, dismissing it as---it is just some left over friction in my shoes from the walk. As empathic as I am, any source of energy directed about/to me, I am susceptible to. I worked in an office, and was surrounded by, "less than positive and/or professional behavior." For confidentiality reasons, I will not divulge the entire extent of conversations, behavior of others or situation(s) that I had to contend with every day. 

Being as highly empathic as I am, I simply could not endure any more negativity. Due to being so receptive to negativity, aggression, etc. I then began twitching just a bit. I had originally dismissed the twitching by thinking--- it is probably just a muscle or nerve spasm from the walk...no big deal. Suddenly my chest began to tighten, (as if I was having a heart attack). My left arm began to go numb, with the left side of my body heating up, as it did in my initial NDE. My hearing began to fade, and the right side of my head was pounding very intensely. I had gotten up, and contacted a nearby manager. I made it known that I believed I was having a heart attack. This particular manager told me to "contact HR", and didn't even volunteer to assist me.

I walked back to my desk with chest pains/tightness. My left arm was also becoming very numb. I made it back to my desk successfully and called HR. Immediately, the HR manager had called 911 for me. Meanwhile, the other person in HR had come over and escorted me away from my desk. I was petrified, as my heart was pounding, then it would slow down. I started feeling as if "my body was leaving me." My left arm felt numb and with a pins and needles feeling.

I was told by HR to sit in a chair and wait for the ambulance to come. While sitting there, I started feeling weak and faint. Shortly after sitting, the ambulance arrived. I then began gasping for air. While gasping for air, my HR manager came over and said, "OH MY GOD, Tammy. Tammy, whatever it is you are going through, it is going to be OK." At that point, my mild twitching had turned into full blown shaking. My left arm was literally convulsing. By comparison, my shaking equated to an alcoholic experiencing DT tremors.

At the same time of my HR manager saying "Oh my God" was when I had my awakening and/or vision.

At the earthly level, all I could see was my arm shaking uncontrollably. While shaking uncontrollably, I looked up at the ceiling. I had seen a beam of light in the shape of a spotlight. The beam of light was attached to clouds and the sun. In that beam of light, I saw myself traveling down the spotlight. I could only see myself in this light from the waist up. I was wearing the same attire as in my original NDE. The vision of the black roses on my shirt stands out very firmly, even as I write this. As I traveled down, the OBE version of me, reached out with my left hand. I had placed my left hand directly on my physical body form's chest. At the Earthly level, all the pain and tightness in my physical body began to dissipate immediately, during the time my "spiritual body's" hand was on my physical body's chest.

I also saw visions of the number 104 burning in flames, just as I did in my initial NDE in July 2015. There was one distinct variation----a vase with flowers in it, adjacent to the burning 104. In this vision, one of the HR reps was carrying a box with this vase of flowers in it.

The paramedics had hooked me up to the EKG monitor, and began taking blood pressure readings. My blood pressure measured at an all time high of 210/130. The paramedics were trying to keep me calm and relaxed. I had told them how embarrassed I was for them seeing me this way. I was then placed on a stretcher and was on my way to the hospital. While in the ambulance, I had told them that I was convinced that this was a spiritual awakening of some sort. Based on my EKG, the paramedics agreed. I went from the start of having a heart attack to suddenly coming out of it. Followed by my second blood pressure reading which declined down to a 185/90.

I felt a shift in energy, a shift which was actually stronger than when I had my original NDE in 2015.

I was embarrassed and my mind could not perceive the depths of this situation at first. I went home and cried due to what I had seen.

I was literally petrified to tell anyone at work why I left work in an ambulance on the 14th of September. Everyone would have laughed at me and it would have made the situation worse. I went into a major depressive mode. I began withdrawing myself from everything and everyone. My withdrawn behavior was not me being rude. I was mortified and knew I had to keep this experience to myself. Keeping it to myself was better than the alternative. An alternative of being judged, ridiculed, discriminated against. Especially since what happened to me is in direct correlation with my spiritual religious beliefs. What happened to me is also in line with my mental disabilities of anxiety and depressive disorder.

It also didn't help that just 2 months prior, I had to return to the same hospital where I had my NDE in 2015. That was very overwhelming to have to return back to the same hospital just under the 2 year mark of being Post NDE. I had to have a cervical cancer 2 year evaluation. Needless to say, another mild procedure performed, in July of 2017. I faced all of this alone, and was constantly having a selected handful of co-workers knit-picking at me during all of this. I complained to HR, and some of my mangers. My complaints were seriously under weighed.

On the 28th of September, I went in and had a conversation with a member of management. I had expressed my concerns about the offensive environment I was in. 

Then came October 4th... Surprisingly enough, October 4th, 2017, I was terminated from my job under a no-cause termination. I had been given no warning from my former place of employment, prior to that day. Hence the number 104, BURNING IN FLAMES, with a vase of flowers beside it. 

My Unemployment also revealed that I did not receive a warning. Did not break company policy, and that there was no misconduct involved. This precognitive awakening was meant to happen. To date, I suffer neuropathy from it.

However, other experiencers have assured me that I am normal. It is generally in the human condition to want to shut down after something like this happens. I have been reassured differently, when I met a famous author that lives in my hometown. I am eternally grateful for his divine words and wisdom. Most importantly, I am elated that the Universe put us in each other's paths.