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Out of body dreams open her mind to more

First off, I am not quite sure if my experiences would be categorized as NDEs because I was sleeping during the time they took place.

My first one took place early morning in 2006. I found myself going through a tunnel at the speed of light. There were colours like deep reds and greens. I could see a light ahead of me and I was heading very quickly towards it. The thing that impressed itself the most on me from this was that there was a beautiful choir singing in the background of it all. They were not singing words, but instead just an "AHHHH" sound, getting louder and louder as I neared the light. I recall that I did not have any thought at the time. I then woke up with a very vivid recollection of what had happened and can still to this day recall the choir sound.

My second experience happened in 2015, again early morning. I felt suddenly like I was on my back looking up into this bright light of the sky, I was laying on a beach with the water lapping at my feet. I felt like I was being lifted upwards and my thoughts went to..."This is death and I am completely okay with it." The feeling of comfort and everything being completely fine was overwhelmingly wonderful. I was lifted up and suddenly I had the thought..."Wait...maybe I don't want to die right now." Suddenly I was back in my body and I woke up.

I cannot be sure that I had NDE experiences but I certainly look back and wonder. I have completely immersed myself in the NDE world, watching video after video for the last few weeks. I cannot figure out why I am completely obsessed with finding out more suddenly and if maybe it is part of my mission or journey. If anything, listening to so many people's experience in such a short amount of time has helped dispel the fear of death for me. 

I would love to come to a conference and find out more.


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