NDE-Like Accounts

Our loved ones never die

Six months before I was diagnosed with terminal cancer I started to see dead people.

I call them “Spirit.” As a practicing Psychotherapist, I hesitated to share these events because I thought people would conclude I was crazy, or worse. Some would whisper it was the work of the devil. A pivotal point altered the trajectory of my life. I discussed my fears with Brian Weiss, M.D., who trained me in past life regression hypnotherapy. Weiss told me that if I did not share my gift, that trying to hold back such energy had a greater potential to kill me than my metastatic cancer. After that conversation, I knew I must talk about my experiences.

I have danced with death most of my life. After a series of loved one’s being killed or murdered, I devoted my effort to help grieving people heal. I became an expert in shock loss. I presented to various groups, published articles and developed a non-profit grief-support group in my community. Then I experienced the opposite of sudden death. The anticipation of my own death. I was diagnosed with a whopper rare cancer, a sarcoma. Although I survived my first two rounds of cancer, several years apart, recently I was diagnosed the third time with tumors on most of my major organs. Typically this diagnosis is terminal. But I am anything but typical.

But my story is not about cancer, although as of this writing I continue treatment for multiple tumors on major organs. My story is not about death and dying. This story is about life and living. My story is about dead people who appear to me to enlist my help in conveying messages to their loved one. I bravely share my Spirit contact stories in an effort to demonstrate that our loved ones never die.

I begin radiation soon - but somehow, with each treatment, my mediumistic abilities get stronger. Spirit just keeps showing up. It's simulataneously normal and unbelievable. What I know now: There is no such thing as death. Our loved ones are around us all of the time - I know because I see them - and get verification. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. It's all true.


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