At 9 years old in March 1960, I was walking home from an art class in the neighborhood park, in my home town. Arms filled with rolled up paper paintings, I proceeded to cross our street, across from our house. 

We lived near the bottom of a miles long steep hill, with no stop signs. I was struck on the left side by a 1955 Buick auto, hung up by the ear on the hood ornament, hit again and flew through the air for 91.5 ft to land on a storm drain. I was in hospital with many broken bones and a 3 week concussion, many surgeries, long time out of school, lots of physical therapy, home schooling. This was pretty strange for a very active child. The driver did not see me, was driving without glasses and while eating, clocked as having been traveling at a high speed down this long hill.

When recovering I developed food cravings. I started writing prose, reading biographies of explorers. I did not need to study, in school, passed exams easily. Was brought into accelerated programs and experimental classes in school. Within 5 years or so I became aware that the reality I assumed was normal was not. A school acquaintance's parent called up to say that I could not associate with their child any more. I was an intuitive and precognitive, I "knew" things, and crossed over highly developed senses - I still communicate in mixed metaphors and smell, feel, taste things I see. It was pretty weird being a psychic kid - and I was totally naive about it.

I've continued with these senses all my life, usually being "ambushed " by them.

As soon as I could drive I began traveling, always on the go, with no real destination, just to see where I ended up. It was a super thing to do and time to do it.

I completed a number of majors in college studies, only to end up in Cultural Anthropology, where I found a terrific view of life and lifestyles.

Adventure travel became even more important to me, and I did as much of it as I could, constantly off on an independent exploration of a new out of the way place.

I learned that my paternal grandmother and aunt had been known for their "work with spirits" -- something I had never known about and I never met my grandmother, barely knew my aunt. I decided this is why my father encouraged my gifts and nurtured my developing them as a young person.

Years later I became a student at The Four Winds Society, and did a lot of journeying. One that I asked for, to show up spontaneously when appropriate, was to find out where I went for those weeks of concussion. One day I was shown where I had been: a dark, empty place without physical sensations, just a limbo place to wait.

At Four Winds, I learned to control the information, ask and get it, understand the process, and the reasons, sources. I learned to do NDE's whenever I wanted and do them for others. To do soul retrieval, explore past lives, be a psychopomp, do distant work, remote viewing. To heal myself and others. I do these things today.