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Pure spiritual light from the white sun

Between 1995 and 2001, I had an Out-Of-Body Experience. I was under 13 years old.

I went to bed (my dad was already asleep next to me) – it was between 6pm and 3am. I closed my eyes and didn’t think of anything. I wasn’t experiencing ill health. 

Then, I started rising out of my physical body – slower than a person walking. When I completely left my physical body, I heard my physical body exhale. After leaving my physical body, I didn’t need to breathe, eat nor drink in order to exist (physical sensations of cold, warmth, touch and the like also disappeared). I felt joy because I left all the problems of the Earth, mental and physical, and nobody could hurt me physically. Additionally, I didn’t feel fatigue because fatigue belongs to the physical body. I knew I could go through the walls – I also had no gender. My physical body died because I left it – I realized that death is impossible. Also, I realized that I am not my physical body – I am truly a spirit. I regarded my physical body as garbage – I was afraid to look down upon it. When I was rising out of my physical body, I could see a second body (which had the same shape as my physical body) rising out as well – this second body looked like a transparent, empty, clear glass bottle occupying the same space as the physical body.

I saw a PURE WHITE SUN above me, a few feet above me -- it was perhaps 4-8 inches thick; its rays were 2 inches thick and 8-12 inches long. When I first saw this PURE WHITE SUN, I realized that this WHITE SUN was PURE SPIRITUAL LIGHT from the Father God. I saw the world as in physical form, but it was lit up, illuminated, but not to the point of blinding light. The world was a bit brighter, from that WHITE SUN. Every atom of the physical world had a speck (dot) of pure white light in it, from that WHITE SUN. Glancing through the window of my uppermost apartment (I was on the top floor of an apartment-building); I noticed the stunning green foliage on a large tree (as well as others) situated near an apartment-building. The tree had value. In contrast, the apartment-building didn’t have value. All the buildings and trees and the nighttime sky were bathed in an ocean of PURE SPIRITUAL LIGHT from that WHITE SUN.
At a certain point, I started to become afraid because I wasn’t rising by my own power, but by someone else’s. I was not sure who though. Then, the emotion of fear began to gather. (When we feel emotions, it takes a few moments for the emotion to come to life, so to say.) Before the emotion came to life, so to say, I heard (in my mind) Jesus Christ say, “Don’t be afraid.” Then, the fear instantly disappeared. Instead of feeling fear, I felt joy and love towards others. If someone killed me, I would still love them. I also realized that Jesus Christ is human yet divine. Also, I realized that the majority of our problems are caused by allowing them to magnify and inflate. Additionally, I knew that the more I rose, the brighter God’s LIGHT would become.

I knew that before I would meet God, I would have to feel all the bad things I made other people feel. Also, I knew that I would meet a person who used to live on the Earth, and I knew he would tell me how great the Kingdom of God would be – I would know that a being would confront me without seeing it.

I was rising happily, until I suddenly stopped rising. (Again, when we experience confusion, it needs a few moments to gather and come to life, so to say.) Instead of experiencing confusion, I felt a wave (similar to a wave on a beach) that was not physical. I knew what this wave imparted to me without words -- this was the Father God. I felt the Father God say, “No! You are not allowed to go yet! You have a purpose in your life and your father needs you.” I knew God was referring to my dad who was sleeping next to me. At this point, I was 2-3 feet above my physical body – halfway to the ceiling (When I was out of my physical body, I ascended vertically). However, at a certain point during my OOBE, I had a vague and disquieting suspicion that one may also descend vertically out of one’s physical body – which I suspect may occur to extremely bad individuals.

Then, I felt as if I was pushed downwards. I started rising down, much faster than when I was rising up. I was sad because I had to go back to all the problems, mental and physical, of the Earth – I did not want to return to my physical body. I regarded the physical body as a cage. Now, the PURE WHITE SUN disappeared the moment I was entirely in my physical body. When I was halfway into my physical body, I could still see the WHITE SUN above me. It didn’t hurt when I left my physical body or when I entered it. Now, fully in my physical body, I opened my eyes (the PURE WHITE SUN disappeared) and I was getting ready to be afraid as never before in my whole life. I was getting ready to scream to my dad sleeping next to me, and for eternity on Earth, because I was so afraid. (Again, when we experience horror, it needs a few moments to gather and come to life, so to say.) Then, instead of feeling horror, I felt the Father God say, “Don’t be afraid. Go to sleep.” I had to do what God told me. I couldn’t imagine not doing what He told me. So, I immediately closed my eyelids and fell asleep – the emotion of horror instantly disappeared.

The next morning I felt amazing. I felt energetic. I felt great.

Years after this experience (2001-2005), I wondered about life and the following ideas emerged in my mind as complete segments (Unfortunately, I have forgotten many ideas). When I had my OOBE, I didn’t even know what the word “gospel” meant. Thinking about my OOBE always provided encouragement and comfort during difficult times – it greatly helped me. The duration of my OOBE is unknown.

1. Everyone has had past lives on Earth. How you have been in your last life determines how your next life will be. Your last life determines your next life. Every person has free will. Your last life does not determine that you will do anything bad in your next life.

2. The more you suffer in life, the greater your reward in your next life. Winning arguments is not important – the purpose of life is to love others. Mental suffering surpasses physical suffering – telling someone that they are bad may be worse than hitting them.

3. The better a person you have been in life, the greater your reward will be in your next life. In contrast, the worse a person you have been in life, the lesser your reward will be in your next life.

4. If we have to suffer in a future life, our suffering will take on a different form. If we have cut off someone’s arms in a previous life, we don’t undergo the exact situation in a future life; cutting off someone’s arms in our present life may express itself in a disease in a future life.

5. God does miracles in physical form. For example, if you pray to God for a person to find happiness, God will change the minds of the people around that person to love that person.

6. After we choose our next life, God tells us EVERYTHING that will happen in our life, every action and event and emotion. However, we are not sad about hearing the bad things that will happen because God is at our side! If God tells us we are destined to smile at a person when we are 82 years old, for example, but we will also have a heart attack at the age of 42, WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DIE. We can have every disease there is on Earth; but we still will not die. We are still destined to give a smile to that person when we are 82 years old.

7. Positive actions lead to positive effects and negative actions lead to negative effects. Every action has an effect. You can do anything you want as long as you don’t hurt others.

8. There are no such things as devils.

9. God can forget His Law, how you have been in your last life determines how your next life will be, through Jesus Christ.

10. Sometimes when people die, they become a spirit working with another angel helping someone on Earth from a bad situation, for example, a serious disease. This allows the spirit to learn the meaning of brotherhood by working together. God gave us imagination so we can think of Him.

11. Before we stand before Jesus and God, a spirit who has kept a record of our life gives that record to God and Jesus. When we meet that spirit he says, "I have been waiting for you." When we meet God and Jesus, Jesus says, "We have been expecting you." Jesus Christ is the only being who seems to have a definite body, form (shape). Jesus Christ can be seen – other beings are known to be in certain locations.

12. When we die, we meet God the Father (a White Oval Spirit) and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is on the left and God the Father on the right from our view. Above the darkness of the universe is a world of PURE WHITE LIGHT – God is in that luminous world above the universe. The Father God radiates spiritual light throughout the whole universe; so the Father God is an ocean of light. Intelligence means to know that God exists.

13. When we pick our next life, we meet with God the Father and pick our eye color, height, parents, EVERYTHING! We pick how we will look and then we pick parents who look like us. But if we haven't been good enough in our previous life, we are unable to make this choice. God chooses for us, which is why we face difficulties on Earth. But if we are able to choose our next life, we can ask God whether or not we can be a spirit and wander and fly upon the Earth. God then allows us to have a certain amount of time to do so. We don’t incarnate into animal bodies. Our spirit is immortal and without gender.
When we pick our next life, every person chooses to do only good. A dictator is a person who picked to do good, but who wasn’t good enough in his/her previous life to fulfill his/her wish – this is to teach us not to gamble with our lives. Let us assume that a person does something bad at the age of 21. In his/her future life, they will suffer at the age of 21 (same age). Individuals and groups that do bad things should be avoided. If your parents tell you to do something bad, don’t do it.

14. When we pick our next life, God lets us know He is real. That is when we have exercised our own free-will.

15. God makes good things come out of bad things. For example, let's say a man's family is killed by a tornado. His house is destroyed and the man becomes depressed and angry at life. He becomes desperate and prays. And God speaks to him. Then the man becomes happy because he now realizes God is actually real. He realizes it took the death of his family, the loss of his house, his depression and anger, to discover the reality of God and true happiness.

16. We all have guardian angels. When we are faced with a problem, such as a disease, God becomes aware (through our guardian angel) of what is happening and we are helped by our guardian angels. But depending on how we were in our previous life, God may heal our disease or allow us to return to spirit.

17. The better we are, the faster we rise to God to pick our next life. The worse a person is, the slower they rise to pick their next life. If we have been extremely bad, we are not allowed to come back to Earth. The purpose of life is to suffer and in suffering find God. The world is a cruel place. Love God by loving others.

18. The Earth is the only place where we can better ourselves. Prayer is talking to God. Sincere (heartfelt) prayers are heard by God. In contrast, God cannot hear insincere prayers. The more sincere your prayers are, the louder they are. Spirits are people who used to live on the Earth. God is happy because humanity chooses to continually come back to Earth even though the world is full of problems. A problem is a situation that does not agree with what we want or what we can do.

19. Superstition is untrue – entertaining misfortune may have been God’s way of informing you that something bad may happen to someone.

20. Wastefulness – living an insignificant (eating all the time) life – may lead to God ending such a life. This is why some individuals pass away – for no apparent reason --unexpectedly at a young age.

21. Blessing and misfortune alternate through repeated earth-lives: A present life of suffering leads to a future life of blessing. In the second life (of blessing), individuals commit evil and again experience suffering in the third life.

22. A person who is white in his current life may have been black in his last life – or vice versa. Or, a person who is black in his current life may be white in his/her future life -- or vice versa.

In conclusion, many years after this experience, I began to take an interest in the Bible (2002-). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the idea of reincarnation in the Bible.

Then, I came upon a book by Rudolf Steiner called Theosophy: An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos. The book described phenomena that I experienced in my Out-Of-Body Experience: repeated earthly lives; the idea that the physical body is kept alive by another body called the life-body; the concept of a spiritual-self; the idea of a spiritual world; and on and on. As a result, I was very happy to possess the aforementioned book by Rudolf Steiner. Steiner wrote a certain number of basic books and gave thousands of lectures – the basic books should be read first – in my opinion.


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