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My Dear Child

This isn't a near-death experience but it's a truth of what happened to me a long time ago.

I didn't know where else to share my story.

I was a young married mother of two little ones. I was raised very religiously and strictly. My beloved grandmother had recently passed away and I was living in a home that had been willed to me by another dear friend who had died.

I was coming to terms with the fact that my marriage was over, but I didn't have the courage to end it. (Ending my marriage meant losing my entire religious family as well as my husband.) And I thought to myself, "Well, if I'm lucky, there's only 70 more years to drag through." And the thought made me so sad that I started crying again.

I was trying to pray through tears for strength to go on for the sake of my sweet babies. And suddenly, SOMEONE was standing behind me. I didn't see them. But the being put a hand on my shoulder, and thought "my dear child" with the most tenderness and love I have ever felt. I didn't hear a spoken word; it was some kind of telepathy. I was immediately flooded with feelings of being deeply and profoundly loved. It was the best moment of my life. It only lasted for a few seconds, then it was gone. But I've never felt anything so strong and have always craved to feel it again. I've always thought that it must have been an angel.

For the record, I have never in my life taken hallucinogenics or any kind of street drug. I don't drink. I have no known mental issues (if you don't count me thinking that an angel touched me once...).

After the angel touched me all those years ago, I found the strength to change my life and cope with all the fallout. And I lost all my indoctrinated fear of eternal damnation after that day.


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