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I saw my Mother, like a Hologram

It was three weeks after my mother's passing. We lived in Kailua, Hawaii. We had cleaned her apartment

and had taken care of the details needing to be attended to. Her caregiver, a young lady had asked if she might rent my mother's apartment and I was contemplating if it were too soon. I was not grieving in a distressed way, just a heavy heart.

I was standing at my deck railing thinking; when I suddenly was chilled with "chicken skin", and felt compelled to slowly turn around where upon I saw my mother, like a hologram, dressed in one of her favorite muumuus, a familiar pin at the V neck. Her hair looked wonderful, she seemed at great peace, she held her silver handled cane. She looked straight ahead and never looked at me or spoke to me. I felt very peaceful yet startled.

I don't know how long I stood there gaping at her but at least 10 - 15 seconds when I said: "What took you so long?" and moved toward her to embrace her when her "essence" left and seemed to float over the deck railing and away.


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