NDE-Like Accounts


One afternoon many years ago, I was sitting quietly at home in the countryside when I had an out-of-body experience. I felt myself being guided out of my body and rushed through the woods. It felt like going through a tunnel only because we were traveling so fast, the trees were speeding by us in a tunnel-like fashion. I say "we" because it felt like I was guided, like there was an unseen Spirit taking me into the woods.

We ended up behind my (then) mother-in-law’s cabin, hovering about 10 or so feet above the dead body of her missing dog Bear. Bear had been missing for a couple of days when my OBE happened. As I hovered above him, I noted the foam at his mouth and I could hear the birds. I felt a sense of hyper-realism; that is, everything I experienced was very focused and the vibrations of the air around me felt sharper and more intense.

After I registered what had happened to Bear, and noted exactly where he was in relation to the path, I was rushed back even faster into my body where, understandably, I was a bit unnerved by my experience. Just before this OBE I hadn’t been thinking about Bear, just gazing out the window. I absolutely got the sense that some entity was intent on letting me know his whereabouts. As soon as we could, my husband and I retrieved his body from exactly where I had been led by Spirit. We believe he may have gotten into some poison (a neighbor had been complaining about dogs on their property). Bear was buried with great love.

I must note that my father-in-law was a parapsychologist and the family was pretty open-minded so neither my husband nor his mother considered my experience bizarre. In fact, my M-I-L stated she and her husband had hoped to build a workshop center for dream studies on the property due to its reputation as an energetically active hill top.

I have not experienced an OBE like this since, but I have become more intuitive and have discovered that I am able to communicate with animals and human spirits. I'm now studying to become a medium and feel this experience truly enriched my life, lending it more depth and meaning.

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