NDE-Like Accounts

I know in my heart there is a god

It was summer. I was getting ready to go to my Mom's house which was about fifteen minutes from were I lived. My stepfather was visiting and I was going to give him a ride on my motorcycle. So when I was done getting ready (having put on my jacket and helmet), I started my bike. I got on my bike. Then my stepfather got on. My stepfather didn't want hold onto me, so he held on to each side of the bike's rear bars right above the brake light.

I took off. We got to a stop sign right before the highway. Right before we got on, he complimented on the way I rode my bike . I turned towards him and said thanks. Then I took off. We were on the highway for around two minutes when everything blacked out and I saw clouds right over me with the sun rays coming thru them shining at an angle toward me. Then a powerful voice said, "Grab him!" Immediately, I grabbed him with my left hand at the same exact time he let go of the bike. As he let go, his body turned helplessly.

Now he was on the left side of the bike with his head toward the front and legs toward the back. I held him up as if he were a feather. Finaly I was able to stop, set him down, and dropped the bike. Then I picked him up (again, like a feather) and took him to the side of the highway. There were cars behind me which pulled over to help. Someone grabbed my bike and push it to the side. The fire department and ambulance were called. All was well.


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