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Warnings to give us Hope

This rarest mysterious event of of my life occurred on Christmas evening as I was about to go to sleep. My body ached from the physical chores of the day, trying to sleep in front of the fireplace. The traumas of the past few months, knowing I was in the process of losing absolutely everything I owned and had worked for, had been overwhelming. However, at that point I was not focused on these issues. It was Christmas and I was just exhausted and cold. I prayed, although it was an unusually brief and not terribly deep prayer. I simply sought sleep. Often during those times I had deep and desperate prayers to God for help and courage. But not that night. I was on no drugs or alcohol.

Shortly, a warm glowing light began to surround my body. It was of a shimmering silver in nature and the aches in my joints began to disappear. Next, a force as from the heavens seemed to throw my head back and a sort of mystical conduit to the top of my forehead was forced upon me transmitting telepathic thoughts. Such were as general messages rather more than words: Concepts such as "no fear", "no pain" and there is "no death" were imbued to me. The pressure of this connection did cause my head to hurt. I struggled to understand but was so in awe of the event my mind was as blank. The warmth and glow of the light surrounding me expanded two feet out from my body and was visible. I saw no figures or faces but felt a fluttering around me as if from the wings of many birds. There was a humming tone accompanying this as if from a sitar. I felt myself rise up out of my body and float about the cold room, yet I was warm. A telepathic message came that the 7th Seal was broken, and that there were to be wars/strife and earthquakes. I saw great destruction around the world. (I don't focus much on Revelations so this was odd. Also, this was before the Arab Spring and Fukushima incidents.) Still the message of no fear and no pain continued. The seeming intent of this message of visitation felt more as if it was for the world to know and understand than for myself. I wondered who or what the divine source was and inquired if this was Christ. The response was "He is my SON". This frightened/humbled me as it seemed it was the God-head communicating with me. I tentatively asked other thought questions of others, answers varied from "a Gentle one", to "a beloved Son".  I noticed that my body was getting up and down and wandering around the house without my directing it. It was as if I were disembodied and in another realm.

Then, as quickly as this visitation came, it began to dissipate. I was in awe. I noticed 2 hours had passed for what felt like 15 minutes. I called an old friend who is spiritual to excitedly relate as much as I could of the experience. I then lay down in warmth with aches & pains gone and had a deep sleep. I tried to share this experience and message with others but they just blew me off. Within a week it was becoming veiled and disappearing from me. I asked my friend to relate it to me again. I still do not recall all of it. This made me sad. Still, I felt some great knowledge had been shared with me, even if others rejected it.

As the horrible events of the world began to unfold as per the message, I came to feel quite distant from others. I had an urgency to tell them, to warn them spiritually and comfort them. Yet, their focus was on sports and such. What the purpose of this visitation was, I feel, was to comfort people in the time of travail. This is what I want to share. Perhaps my trauma and life-long sensitive nature was what brought this to me - unbidden. It was from another realm and I was out-of-body for awhile, as if I were into a transition to death. I hope this sharing helps others who may have similar experiences know they are "real" and are in accord with aspects of the NDE. Remember: no fear, no pain, no death.


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