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Nurse, dead for 20 minutes, sees God but can't enter

In 1989 I had graduated nursing school and was working as a nurse in a hospital. I had a patient that was in isolation with pneumonia. Somehow I contracted the same type of pneumonia, even though I used all necessary precautions. I was sick overnight. I woke up with severe chills and a fever of 102. I still lived in the nursing dorm, so I woke up another nurse who took me to the hospital across the street. The doctors in the ER admitted me immediately.

By the next day I was running fevers of 104. The highest my fever got was 105.2. I was very sick. I couldn't breathe out of my nose or mouth. The infection control doctor said I had Klebsiella pneumonia, which has a high mortality rate. I was in the hospital for about 2 months. One day I was running fevers of around 104-105, couldn't breathe, and just wanted to be out of the sickness. I wanted to get better. I'm an only child, and my mother was told by the doctors that I wasn't improving, even though I was being given massive doses of antibiotics. They even told my mother I would probably die, because I was septic by then. She was screaming, "But she's only 23!!"

I don't remember the specific day, but after being sick for 2 months I remember saying to myself, I just can't take this anymore. I remember hearing the doctors and nurses around my bed in ICU saying, "She's not gonna make it."

I closed my eyes and then I was in another realm. No tunnel of light or anything. I was just there. At first I was slightly confused. Where am I? I was on a path and I could see hills, green grass, a flowing brook, and a low stone wall. I saw animals of all kinds and lots of flowers. The colors were very vivid, and there are no colors on earth like them. I could hear soft music coming from somewhere, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from. I saw bearded irises on the path I was on, and I leaned over to smell them. They smelled just like lemonade!!

All of a sudden a large golden coach appeared. There were people in it, and the door opened. I got in without any question. There were no drivers on the coach. In all the NDEs I've read, I've never heard of anyone else mentioning a coach of any kind. Well, we were taken to a mansion, that's the only way I can describe it, and into a very large room with people of all ages, races, etc. The room was round and there were gold candles on the walls. The walls were a robins egg blue with gold trim. Two huge doors were on one side of the room. There were many, many people in this room.

All of a sudden I felt a strong presence behind me. I turned around and there was my great-grandmother and my grandmother!! I grew up in the same house with them, so I knew who they were, but they looked like they were about 17-21 years old. My GG died in 1978 at the age of 100, and my grandmother, whom I was extremely close to, had passed away 3 years before in 1985. There was no way I could have recognised my GG, since I had no picture of her when she was 17 in 1895. But I knew them both. They wouldn't let me touch them, but they said I wasn't ready and would see them again someday.

About that time the two huge doors opened. Beings appeared that somehow I knew were angels. They wore a very bright white and were very tall. About 10 feet or more. I was not frightened by their presence. They began to take groups of people through these doors. I wanted to go, but they said it wasn't my time. I could see a very bright light, and somehow I knew it was God. All of a sudden everything I ever questioned made sense. I knew instantly we are one with everything. Another thing. Everyone spoke, but it was almost like telepathy. I turned around to see my GG and grandmother, saying I wanted to stay. They said again no, you're not ready.

And the next thing I know I was opening my eyes back in ICU. Just like that. I closed my eyes again wanting so much to go back, but I couldn't. One of the nurses turned around and gasped. She said I was pronounced dead about 20 minutes ago. The doctors could never understand how I "recovered" in their words. I knew then I had died and I got a small glimpse of heaven.

It has taken me over 30 years for me to ever tell anyone what I experienced. The first person I told was my husband, and that was after we had been married for years. I was not oxygen deprived, I was not on any narcotics, and I did not dream this!! I finally have opened up and told my NDE to others.

I use this as an example of what I experienced. Did you wake up this morning and eat breakfast, shower, maybe drove to work? Did you really do those things or did you dream it? You really did. That's what my NDE was. It was VERY REAL, very vivid and beyond wonderful!! And to this day, when I lean over to smell an iris, I still smell the scent of lemonade.

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Horseback accident leaves young woman with pain and insights

On the last nice weekend in October 1985, a few good friends and I decided to go horseback riding at a summer camp ranch in West Virginia where we had been teaching as department directors in our various fields. It was a beautiful day, clear blue skies, cool but comfortable breezes and a perfect day for riding. We rode around the pastures for several hours without incident. We went back to the corral, staying mounted in the saddle but slowly walking the horses around the ring, waiting for staff to come and take our horses in, one at a time.

Suddenly, everything seemed to happen simultaneously.... the horse in front of me seemed to get spooked by something and the rider lost control as the horse bucked and backed into my horse. I was so relaxed that I was totally unprepared to suddenly have to reign in and control my horse and he bucked very fast and high. The next thing I knew I was airborne and landing very hard on my head and my neck bent inward so intensely that my face was forced onto my chest. My left leg was also yanked forcibly out of the stirrup, tearing the ligaments in my groin and thighs as I landed hard.

At this point, my consciousness seemed to 'bifurcate' and I was simultaneously aware of what was happening to my body, hearing and feeling the bones crack and the ligaments and muscles tear, but not feeling pain, and I was also suddenly watching a "Life Review"! It made me kind of laugh, thinking, "Oh, it's true! You do see your life pass before you!"  It struck me as kind of funny for some reason and very fascinating as I watched the 'movie' of my life play. The recording went backwards, scene by scene, throughout my entire 31 years, every second, relationship, activity, feeling.... then finally back to the womb and the moment of conception....

Then, there was blackness for a moment (but there was no sense of time; it all was happening at the same time) ...this narrative is taking longer than the event in physical time. Then all of a sudden, I (my consciousness) was in a tunnel, traveling so fast and faster toward "Light".... I had no 'body' sense.... just pure beingness, consciousness....

Then there was suddenly a sense of quiet and total peace in this Light. I became aware of another consciousness near me and then another (no bodies!), so it seemed as though these were my Guardian Angels (or maybe my "Higher Self" and an angel??) We had a 'discussion' (there were no words, it was all like instantaneous understanding) ...I was given a choice to come back to the body or stay. I wanted to come back because I felt that I had things that I had to do in this lifetime. It seemed that I was also given a choice of 'paraplegic', 'quadriplegic' or just to be in constant pain for the remainder of my life in this incarnation....

I chose the latter, but when I came back to consciousness of my physical body, there was a brief moment when I had to again make the conscious decision to re-connect with my physical body so that I could move my limbs....

At that point, I re-connected with my body and opened my eyes to see my friends and staff all gathered around me, yelling and trying to figure out who to call and what to do. I insisted that I did not want to go to the hospital, for many reasons, including fear of doctors and hospitals from my first near-death at 7 when my appendix burst! (That didn't scare me, but the doctors did.) I also had no insurance, and I did not want to sue the ranch, which belonged to my employer, where I loved working.

I was carefully taken home by my friends and I laid in bed for over a week 'healing', only getting up with difficulty for bathroom breaks and food. I did have to get chiropractic care a few months later when my arms stopped working normally. My neck literally had 'disconnected' from the spinal column and then was 'snapped back' into place (by the angels?) when I came back into my body. It was a disarticulation which badly damaged the cervical vertebrae and twisted the thorax around off-center. (A few years later, a truck hit my vehicle and smashed the lumbar vertebrae, but that was not an OOBE or NDE.)

I think the only reason I did not die when I fractured my neck was because I had been doing yoga and meditating for about 8 years at that point, so I was both strong and flexible...and of course, because of 'G-d'! In retrospect, of course, now I wish I had gotten medical care at the time because I am in constant pain.

One of the very intense realizations was that life is very, very short and we need to love every moment of it and everyone. The cold weather causes me more pain than usual, so I moved to the Caribbean shortly after this. I asked myself how I would feel in my 80's looking back at my life if I chose to continue living in an environment that caused my body to hurt so much.

I also felt that I had so much more to offer and do than I could do where I was. I had been working as an artist and teaching both art and in my synagogue, which I loved doing, but the art field was changing (becoming digital, which it is totally virtual now!) and I just felt it was time to make a move.

From the islands I moved to south Florida, where I married and changed careers to animal medicine (which again, I loved and was very good at!) I think working with animals did a few things for me including helping that "animal" body of mine heal, and it opened my heart in a way that was new, in a totally unconditional way, which I think helped me in all other ways in relationships and teaching. 

After another twelve years, I divorced and went back to school for a degree in Earth Science and Biology, and am now working on an ecology doctorate; my intent is to spend the last years of life teaching kids and adults meditation and yoga, organic gardening and art. It is possible, G-d willing, for me to live another 30+ years and I hope to do so.

I still think about the life review a lot. Your body is recording everything, like a biological recording device.... I think that I am still processing that part especially, and I've learned that it's very difficult to tell people about it (especially in the academic science world!). It's 'awkward' conversation because they either think you're crazy, you've gone 'woo-woo', or you're not being professional (my committee is not in favor of meditation, even though hundreds of studies now show it is beneficial for increasing awareness...of everything, including nature (ecology)).  Yoga is ok with them: it has gone mainstream, I guess, but they can't see the connection between yoga and ecology...yet.

Now I can see how visual arts, healing arts, and science can merge in this last third of my life.

Physician recalls 5 near deaths giving her new view of the world

NDE1: Age 6, fell 20 feet from barn loft, don't remember fall but once home from hospital saw a woman at the end of my bed for 3 years. My mom's mother died when she was 2 years old so she didn't have any pictures; however, 43 years later she found a photo of her and chills came over me because I knew then it was my deceased grandmother at the end of my bed!

NDE2: Age 23, Auto accident, I was hit then lost control of car and crashed the side of a house. Time seemed to stop, lost sense of my body, could take in all the details of the wreck in slow motion while simultaneously having my whole life flash before my eyes. Felt like it was my choice to go or stay because as soon as I thought of leaving my family, I thought no I'm not ready to go yet. At that moment, I felt like I slammed back into my body upon impact of the house. Did not feel pain from the initial car hitting me. 

NDE3: Age 24, Anaphylaxis from IV dye during procedure. Lost sense of body, saw tunnel with white light, very peaceful, was not scared. I couldn't breathe. Then pulled back by the code blue team.

NDE4: Age 38, In China acquired Campylobacter jejuni, with fever, shaking chills, bloody vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Hallucinated 4-5 red glowing people milling around the unlit dark room, telling me to drink bottled water and I was arguing it would make me sick but finally succeeded and by the next morning I was able to board a plane back to USA. Took 6 weeks and 6 antibiotics to cure it!

NDE5: Age 47, Had port for 5 years to manage my Familial Mediterranean Fever (very rare autoinflammatory disease) at home since I'm a physician. Became infected causing blood poisoning and pericarditis. Began praying fervently and meditating. Recovered but since have been visited by 2 other entities I would describe as angels. I also dream of heaven all the time! But in the dreams, I always know I'm not allowed to venture too far in, like there's an invisible barrier I know I can't cross even though I can't see it.

During 3 separate encounters with spirit beings while meditating, I heard a loud crashing sound by my bedside table as they would appear. Sounds like they are breaking the sound barrier, it’s so startling! It’s so loud that my husband comes to check on me thinking I fell out of bed or something else major crashed!

Since my most recent NDE, I have premonition dreams and have predicted pregnancies and got 9/10 sexes of the babies correct. The first premonition dream was of my mother having surgery for leaking breast implant after her bout with breast cancer. I lucid dreamed that night she passed away on the operating table! It was so real I awoke sobbing. Called mom next morning to beg her not to have the surgery and she told me cardiology had just called and said it wasn’t safe for her to have surgery! Whew! I’ve also been able to connect with guides/angels. I have seen, communicated with telepathically, and been touched and “taken” by at least 3 entities.

Since my NDEs, I now feel like I’ve stepped out of the matrix and have a bird’s eye view of the world, universe and the people in it! Finally see the big picture and realize true happiness has nothing to do with material objects! It’s about friends, family and philanthropy!

Life review shows his encouragement of others

I had my NDE on March 24th, 2016. Holy Thursday. My older sister by two years was fighting a losing battle with breast cancer and it was very hard to watch it punish my parents. I had developed severe LPR heartburn through stress eating. I was going in for an ENT scope and a colonoscopy. My doctor wanted to check for ulcers and the colonoscopy was just a bonus as I was 46 and had never had one done.

The bowel prep worked too well and I became severely dehydrated. The nurse took her time hooking up the saline drip. Five minutes after she put the IV in, my heart stopped. My soul immediately left my body and went through the wall to my left. The room was dark and I was in a chair. A being behind me began clicking images from my life through my brain really fast like a slide projector. The slide show stopped at four times in my life where I was being encouraging to people. At each moment I was launched back in time and into the event. 

The first event was when I was 25. I was encouraging a new hire who had taken a lesser job under me, but it would give him a lot more room for future growth. He was worried he had made a mistake. I could smell the propane exhaust from his forklift. We were in the Southwest corner of the warehouse that I ran at the time. Bill is still a friend of mine and has had a nice career in sales.

The second one was me and a neighbor kid when I was 9. My neighbor was bummed because his parents worked all the time and didn't have the time to spend with him. It was the summer of ‘78 and it was hot as hell outside. He was wearing his yellow Chevy Luv Truck tank top and I could smell the banana sun tan lotion we had on. The colors of summer were so brilliant.

The third was when I met my best friend. We were 6 and in the first grade. Mark transferred in from another school and well..., it just sucks being the new kid. We all know that. Well, I was nice to him and he became my best man 22 years later. We were in the playground of our old grade school.

The fourth event was me encouraging a freshman at college to stay in school. I was a sophomore. He was socially backwards and struggled with that part of college. He stayed and earned a graduate degree from Cornell years later. We were standing in his dorm room on a Friday and I started to hear the nurse say, "Mike, Mike, Mike." She was giving me CPR and as I went back through the wall to my right, the Being said, "More of this!"

When I opened my eyes, I felt euphoric. I wanted to jump for joy but I could clearly see the dismay in everyone's face. The IV got ripped out, my wife was crying, and the nurse was emotionally drained. They wheeled me over to the ICU of Blanchard Valley Hospital in Findlay, Ohio.  Again, still severely dehydrated and no saline drip yet. I felt like I was running on pure unconditional love. Just then a lady who was in a car crash was wheeled in next to me. She had been choppered in. They could not save her. I knew her soul was gone when she came in. They finally got the liquids going into me and I could feel myself become "normal" again. I took three bags before I urinated.

They kept me overnight and ran a crap ton of tests. They found nothing. I was so hungry. I went to work the next week after a very surreal Easter Sunday. I did not tell my wife until several months later. My sister died the following December when it got into her brain. It crushed my parents. My brother in law and nieces were so calm. They had seen the ravages of cancer and knew Kris was in a much better place and so did I.

The retrospect has been the hardest part. Trying to piece the clarity of the next world with the confusion of this world is very hard. I assure you, this world is the bizzarro world. This is where lies are truth and truth, lies. This is where kindness is punished and hurtfulness Is rewarded. Not so in the next reality.

I do not feel heaven is in the sky. It gets depicted that way because our bodies are so heavy and our soul feels like it rises when it leaves this boat anchor. I have lost 20 lbs since my NDE and have come to detest my body. It is such a chore to take care of. But, it's our vehicle in this world.  

At first, I thought the Being was The Holy Spirit. My Catholic teachings probably led me to that. But as I thought it over 100 times, I think it was more like an angel/messenger. I think it was younger than me. A bit awkward too. I think it knew there was little time to get me this message of how important encouragement is. You can really change the world with little effort. I was surrounded by talented medical people. No way I was gonna die that day. The nurse did ask me later when I got to my room if my chest hurt. I said, "No. Why?" She told me she'd had really wailed on me during CPR and was surprised a rib wasn't broke. I felt on top of the world for days after.  

As the years go by, my NDE takes on an even deeper meaning. I draw on it often. I have no desire to go back but I have zero fear of death. The day we die, we are all the same. Wealth and position do not matter. You do not take those with you. However, our memories of sound, sight and smell do indeed exist in the next world. I suggest loading up those vaults. I have music on all the time now.  

The year that followed my sister's death brought a huge personal challenge to my wife and me. I believe I was visited and warned of events by my sister. My wife and I became true partners the following year. Without my NDE and visits from my sister, I don't know if my marriage would have made it through.  


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