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How near-death experiences are changing the world

David SunfellowNew Heaven-New EarthDavid Sunfellow, head of the organization New Heaven New Earth, has compiled an excellent two-part video titled "How Near-Death Experiences are Changing the World".

Part 1 (67 min) discusses the history of near-death experiences, global statistics and trends, and common themes and characteristics. It also features many NDE accounts, including George Ritchie, Mary Jo Rapini, Andy Petro, Ellyn Dye, Colton Burpo, Howard Storm, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Part 2 (51 min) explores the NDEs of Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Nanci Danison, Jim Macartney and Anita Moorjani. It examines the nature of reality, miracles and spontaneous healings, discusses how and why the core themes of NDEs are so different, and presents some of the aftereffects of NDEs. It includes Raymond Moody's new research on “shared death experiences”, and describes two especially powerful NDE messages that can change our lives.

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