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Diane Corcoran featured in Guideposts article

Diane CorcoranGuideposts has a great article on near-death experiences which features IANDS President Diane Corcoran, including Diane's first encounter with a near-death experiencer, while serving as a nurse in Vietnam.

    "[Corcoran] met a young man in the [surgery] recovery area whose arm had been blown off. Drawn to speak to the young soldier, she asked him how he was doing. 'You'll never believe me,' he replied. Urged on, he said that he when he was hit, he felt himself being lifted into the air. He looked down and could see bodies strewn about and he just knew which ones would make it and which ones were going to die. He then felt himself 'going to another place.' With tears rolling down his cheeks, he described this place as 'beautiful' and 'wonderful.' But, he was told, he would have to go back, at which point he woke up in his body. 'It was real, it wasn't a dream, it happened to me,' he insisted."


Read the full article here.

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