NDEs in the News

ABC's "Nightline Primetime" explores NDEs

ABCNewsLogoABC's “Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief” covered the topic of near-death experiences on August 3. ABC’s Bob Woodruff shares his own NDE, as well as the experience of others: what people see, feel and hear when they describe crossing over from this world to the next before returning back. Bob Woodruff in 2007Woodruff talks candidly about what he remembers in the minutes after a vehicle he was traveling in while in Iraq during 2006 hit an improvised explosive device. Woodruff saw his body floating beneath him. In the program, he speaks with others who report the same type of out of body experience, as well as theologians, preachers, researchers and physicians who try to explain it. The stories include those of Don Piper, Mary Jo Rapini and Jake Finkbonner. Includes commentaries by researchers Jeffrey Long, Andrew Newberg, Caroline Myss and Sam Parnia. The full episode is now available here.

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