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New findings on combat soldiers' NDEs

U.S. Army soldier in gun battle in Afghanistan, 2009A study conducted by Tracy Goza, doctoral candidate at the University of North Texas, breaks ground in its findings that combat soldiers have different near-death experiences (NDEs) than civilians.

Goza found that combat NDEs have less depth than non-combat NDEs, meaning soldiers tend to experience fewer or less intense features of NDEs than civilians, such as the sense of being out of one's body, feelings of peace, and encountering deceased loved ones. The difference may be due to combat soldiers living with more stress, or the result of combat veterans offering cautious accounts of their NDEs. For more information, click here.

Tracy Goza received the first Diane Corcoran Award for Research in Combat-related NDEs for this research at the recent 2011 IANDS Conference in Durham, NC.

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