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Fox News Prime Time Report on NDEs...

Near-Death Experiences: What Happens When We Die?  FoxNewsAtlanta

This 7 minute video aired on a Fox News Atlanta prime time report featuring two near-death experiencers plus Dr. Raymond Moody and a neurologist, Dr. Wendy Wright.  Pam Wedding, an experiencer from a drowning while white water rafting including a miraculous unexplained rescue and Barbara Harris Whitfield, an experiencer during complications after spinal surgery,  portray the conviction of those who have been in an altered state of consciousness often associated with near-death experiences.

Dr Moody asserts a supportive stance based on the thousands of documented cases he has reviewed while a skeptic position is adopted by Dr. Wright, a position that ignores the veridical evidence from NDE studies in presenting a materialist explanation of NDEs as a process of the dying brain.

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