NDEs in the News

Two NDE accounts in the media

Two interesting NDE accounts appeared in the media on October 17, 2007 on the website of Television Station KHOU and on the Washington Post website.

Television station KHOU:
The first was an interview with a psychotherapist, Mary Jo Rapini, by television station KHOU in Houston, Texas. They posted two written reports about her near-death experience on their website at the links below. Each version of the report differs slightly from the other. Unfortunately, you may need to navigate through some popup advertising that the website displays before you can get to the stories. 

Click here for the first KHOU story link 

Click here for the second KHOU story link. This second link includes a video clip that some of you may be able to watch.

Washington Post:

The second account is on the website of the Washington Post. This is an interesting account that a physician, Dr. William Blazek, had when he was a young man in the military. Today he struggles to reconcile his scientific training with his experience. It is an interesting read. Click here to read this story.

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