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PatJohnsonAn article in the Austin American Statesman from September 1, 2014 describes the near-death experiences of Pat Johnson while he was kayaking on the Blanco River. Johnson was with a friend when the kayak tipped over and he was trapped underwater for a number of minutes. During this time Johnson had a near-death experience where he saw light streaming through a stained-glass window and he was surrounded by "multitudes of souls". He felt overwhelming love, forgiveness and peace.

When he was revived, Johnson searched for answers and found IANDS. His experience drew him to help others who had similar experiences, and he now leads the Central Texas Chapter of IANDS in Austin.

This article includes a number of skeptical perspectives on near-death experiences including "euphoria of your frontal lobe" and the "brain's SOS mechanism... to save the organism". The medical doctors interviewed indicated that they did not believe in the afterlife, but also admitted "We know very little about death and dying".

Johnson and the members of the Central Texas Chapter of IANDS disagree with the skeptical perspective and the article clearly reflects their belief that the "scientific explanations" don't matter. Johnson's experience provided him with a new insight into life and into the afterlife, and it is reflected in his story and the energy that he brings to his role in helping others with their NDEs.

The full article is available here for a small fee.

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