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The Perfect Pattern of Life Revealed

LynnclaireDennisLynnclaire Dennis had a Near Death Experience in 1987 after an accident in a hot air balloon.  The experience included the vision of a "beautiful and loving light" that she instinctively recognized as the pattern of all life.  Though many NDEs include the vision of a light, this one was different.   In a life review during the NDE, Lynnclaire was informed of her mission in life.  Lynnclaire returned to the physical world with a mission to recall and understand the perfect pattern that she encountered in the light.

For years, Lynneclaire explored the patterns in this light using lucid dreams, visions, among other techniques. The pattern caught the attention of mathematicians and scientists, and the Mereon Matrix is now a topic of academic study.

You can read a complete description of her amazing journey here.

 In 1995, renown mathematician Dr. Louis H. Kauffman joined Lynnclaire as a second researcher and brought the Mereon Matrix to the attention of mathematicians around the world.  Utilizing knot theory, quantum physics, statistical modeling, and combinatorics, they began work on a Pattern of Patterns based on Lynnclaire's vision during her NDE. 

The Merion Matrix has been used to assist in the modeling of Molecular Biology, the Big Bang Theory, and it has even extended into educational systems to assist teaching and learning processes.  Each of these advances is remarkable, but more remarkable is that all of this arose from a unique NDE that drove Lynnclaire to pursue her prescribed mission in life.

Lynnclaire's new book The Mereon Matrix: Unity Perspective, and Paradox was recently published by the academic publishers Elsevier.  The book describes a New Mathematics that has been derived from the pattern that Lynnclaire saw so clearly during her NDE.

You can learn more about Lynnclaire Dennis' remarkable experience in this video.

The Mereon Matrix Website.

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