Dr. Bruce Greyson Tribute and Book Launch Event Online

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Bruce Greyson's new book After: A doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond is avaiable on March 2, 2021. IANDS is hosting an excting live book launch event on March 6, 2021.  It will will include Dr. Mary Neal as host, a fireside chat, cameo appearances from around 24 amazing individuals, and more!

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Near-Death Experience Accounts

Near-Death Experience Accounts

On this website you will find near-death experience accounts (and NDE-like accounts) submitted by experiencers. These first-hand testimonies offer compelling insights and perspectives about consciousness and what happens after we die. You can also see more NDE accounts on our YouTube Channel (IANDSVideos) and in the IANDS publication, The Self Does Not Die.

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A New Scale to Assess Near-Death Experiences -- Commentary

Research Spotlight New Scale Commentary 2

Abstract: An expanded scale, the Near-Death Experience Content (NDE-C) scale, has been developed by Charlotte Martial and colleagues (2020) to assess near-death experiences (NDEs). The scale was modeled after the existing NDE Scale (Greyson, 1983), using reworded scale items, and added five additional items, notably items about a gateway or tunnel and a feeling of non-existence or fear. NDE-C uses a rating scale of 0–4 for each item and thus ranges from 0 to 80. In this article, we raise concerns that several of the reworded items appear to have changed the meaning of NDE Scale item and appear to be significantly more prevalent or less prevalent than the original item, as demonstrated in a Rasch statistical analysis of the NDE-C results. We suggest wording changes for these items so that they return to their original context and meaning. [This page is an abbreviated version of the full article PDF, which can be downloaded here.]

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 IANDS, in affiliation with the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling, presents
Providing Care for Those Touched by Near-Death and Related Experiences:
Ethical Best Practices
Friday, April 30, 2021 (11:00 am - 8:45 pm EDT)  l  $75

Research shows that at least in one-fifth of near-death experiencers' most memorable episodes of disclosing their NDE to a healthcare provider, family member, or friend, the experiencer came away feeling harmed. This finding was consistent across all categories of healthcare providers and was as applicable for NDEs that occurred in the 1940s as the 2010s. A question for anyone is: Might you unknowingly be doing harm in the way you respond to people who've had near-death or related experiences--such as after-death communication or past-life memories?

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Resources for Closing the Gap in Medical Care for NDErs

VOICES Close the Gap Resources
Those who have a near-death experience struggle with sharing this information with their healthcare providers, family members, and others. Some struggle to make sense of the experience, mainly if they are unaware that others have reported similar accounts. Though it’s challenging to explain near-death experiences scientifically, they happen to millions of people and often leave individuals profoundly changed for the remainder of their lives. Studies have found that 10 – 20% of people who are resuscitated after nearly dying have an out-of-body experience accompanied by various perceptions such as traveling through a tunnel of light, feeling loved, or being received by deceased loved ones. Most NDEs are highly positive experiences, but a percentage describe a negative experience, which can be traumatizing to patients.

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