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IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO) now offers access from the worldwide internet to:

Note: to sign-up for any ISGO event, the first time only it is necessary to create a unique ISGO account and password on the www.isgo.iands.org site. When you do create an ISGO account be sure to use the same email address as your IANDS membership so ISGO can check your eligibility for a discount.

It is possible to browse w/o an ISGO account. Enjoy! Click here to see currently available EVENTS list...

- General Sessions -- an open, small (limited size) peer-group meeting online using Zoom technology
   > Guided by trained facilitator / moderator teams to provide small group sharing benefits for those without a nearby in-person group to attend.
   > Open to those with near-death or similar experiences or a genuine personal interest for these topics.
   > Sharing is first-person only - i.e. using "I statements" - "This happened to me..". -or- "I wonder why..."
      (no proselytizing or self-promotion allowed ... these are not online "chat rooms").
   > Free to active IANDS Supporting members or higher levels, else $5 for all others.

- Periodic Webinars - a presenter or forum broadcast to a typically listen-only audience (text Q&A is often supported).
   > Featuring well-known or newly minted authors, researchers, experiencers, panels, etc., etc.
      (stay tuned for regularly scheduled event announcements on the ISGO & IANDS website and email notices).
   > Fee-based (typically $10 for active IANDS Supporting members or higher, $15 for all others, although watch for frequent discounts and bonus special offers). AND NOT TO WORRY, if you miss the live webinar event for whatever reason, you will still have access to the recording when uploaded shortly thereafter to the IANDS Vimeo account.

- And coming soon! - IANDS Education Department to offer interactive online classes in specialized topics. Class descriptions, schedules and pricing to be announced shortly ... this and all the above will be found at https://isgo.iands.org/!.

Explore IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO) for what interests you and share it with others!!!

Click here to see ISGO Disclaimers and Disclosures (including ISGO General Session small group meeting guidelines).

Upcoming Events:

See Search Events on https://isgo.iands.org/ for information on currently scheduled ISGO General Sessions and Webinar events with descriptions! 

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