Dallas / Fort Worth Friends of IANDS

Dallas / Fort Worth Metro
Contact: Jan Holden: 972-315-0300
Meeting Information:

Day: Meets the second Wednesday of each month -- except August when we have no meeting.

Time: 7:00-8:45 p.m.

COVID-19 Restricted Location: Via Zoom. Link will be sent to everyone on the group email list. If you are not on the list but wish to be, send your email address to Jan Holden at janholdendfwfoi@gmail.com.

In-Person Location (once restrictions are lifted): First United Methodist Church, 907 West Main St, Lewisville, TX (Northwest corner of Main and Summit). Room: The Parlor -- in the front building.


- From I-35E, take exit 452 - FM 1171 (Main Street) WEST.

- Go through three or four stoplight intersections, the last of which will be Surf/Summit. (You'll see the First United Methodist Church on the northwest corner of the intersection.)

- Continuing on Main Street past Surf/Summit, turn RIGHT into the SECOND parking lot driveway, and park anywhere.

- With your back to Main Street, the entrance is directly in front of you (double glass doors).

- Upon entering, turn RIGHT. Walk to the end of the (long) hallway; The Parlor is the last room on your RIGHT.  

Other Information:

The DFW Friends of IANDS exists for people who've had near-death and/or related experiences or who have personal or professional interest in such experiences. The purpose of the group is to provide these people with a forum in which to discuss such experiences and their meaning and integration into subsequent life. Discussion takes place in an atmosphere of openness and interest/support without judgment, proselytizing, or advice-giving. Our meeting content varies from month to month. Sometimes we have a structured program, such as a speaker or watching a relevant video followed by discussion. Other times, we "circle up" and discuss our own NDEs and related experiences and their ongoing meaning in our lives. Although we meet in a Methodist church, the group is not affiliated with the Methodist--or any specific--religion. The church is conveniently located, and they gave us permission to use a meeting room without charge. However, those who attend and who can afford to do so are asked to make a $1 contribution to the church for our use of their meeting room. To have your e-ddress placed on an a list to receive a monthly email reminder about the group, contact Jan Holden at janholdendfwfoi@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events:

July 8: In 2014, Hila Baruch bled out following a “normal” surgery and had an NDE that changed her world. Having worked for years in Israel as a courtroom attorney, her experience left her with the knowledge that she is not who she thought she was and that she could no longer continue her work as before -- realizations that were challenging at first but led ultimately to a real sense of freedom. While coming to terms with her NDE, Hila discovered that Israel lacked sources of support for NDEers and felt called to create a local IANDS chapter to connect with other experiencers, raise public awareness, and provide support for those struggling with the aftereffects of similar episodes. “It's very natural to get out of the body,” she says, “but getting back to it is another story....” On Wednesday, July 8 at 7:00 pm Central Time, Hila will join us live from Israel via Zoom to share her experience and further her aim to “provide a way for the melody of the soul to make an impact on our world.” Discussion to follow.

August: Vacation month: no meeting. Recommendation: Attend the IANDS online conference Friday, August 14, through Sunday, August 16. Early bird cost: $99. https://conference.iands.org/

September 9: As an adult in the early 1980s, Paula Lenz had a recurring dream. In 1983, that dream proved to have been a precognitive warning of the sudden, shocking loss of her dear brother, Don. Three days after his funeral, while Paula was driving Don's truck to visit her grandparents, her consciousness unexpectedly left her body and encountered Don's spirit. Her experience uniquely combined features of after-death communication (ADC), shared-death experience (SDE), and near-death experience (NDE). In 2017, Paula published Driving Into Infinity: Living With My Brother's Spirit. On Wednesday, September 9 at 7:00 pm (Central Time), Paula will join us live via Zoom to share the story of her encounter with Infinity and the transformations it wrought in her subsequent life. Discussion to follow.

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