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Give the Gift of IANDS Membership

Give a gift of IANDS membership to your friends, relatives, professional colleagues or anyone else who wants to learn more about NDEs or will be comforted by this knowledge; or to near-death experiencers who would benefit from a greater understanding of NDEs.

  • To give a membership, follow one of the links below.
  • NEW! To give with Automatic Yearly Renewal (recurring charge) - Mail in our membership form
  • To give by mail, phone or fax, instructions are provided at the bottom of this page.
  • All the membership benefits and offers listed below will go to the person to whom you are giving the gift membership.
Membership Levels and Benefits

Special one-year introductory rate for first-time members
Basic Membership for $30 ($40 regularly)

  • Vital Signs, our quarterly magazine filled with information about NDEs, current research, articles about related topics, and news about IANDS. Click here for sample articles.
  • Member E-News services that notifies you via email about breaking research, article publications, media coverage of NDEs, and member benefits
  • Monthy NDE e-mail service, a near-death or near-death-like account chosen because of its uniqueness or general interest sent to you each month.
  • Large discounts on NDE educational materials including discounts on DVDs and MP3 CDs from IANDS past and recent conferences.
  • Access to members only sections of the IANDS website.

Supporting Membership for $65 annually ($10 off for seniors - 65 and older - and full-time students)

The Supporting membership level is the most popular membership level. It provides the extra financial support IANDS needs to accomplish its mission of encouraging research into NDEs, supporting experiencers as they attempt to integrate their NDE into their lives, and educating professions (healthcare, clergy, educators, etc.) and the general public about NDEs. We hope you can gift at this membership level to help us create a future in which people of all walks of life, religions, and cultures will look at near-death experiences as a potential source of meaning and inspiration for a better world.

Benefits include: 

Professional Membership for $125 annually ($20 off for seniors - 65 and older - and full-time students)for those seeking the most information on NDEs.

  • All the benefits of the membership levels above.
  • A subscription to the Journal of Near-Death Studies, a peer-reviewed quarterly publication serving as the central repository for the most current research and thought on NDEs. Includes articles by scholars from around the world, book reviews, and letters addressing issues raised in previous editions.
  • Access to and a free listing in the Professional Networking Directory, a database of contact, work, and interest information about each participating IANDS member at the Professional or higher membership levels, and available only to those members.

Sponsor Membership for $250 annually ($30 off for seniors - 65 and older - and full-time students)
This membership level, and those below, significantly contribute to IANDS' ability to accomplish its mission and have an impact on the world.


  • All the benefits of the membership levels above.
  • 2 free Basic memberships ($30 value each) to give to others as gifts. These gift memberships are valid for new members only – those who have not been IANDS members before – and give you the opportunity to help your friends and relatives access the research, education and support that IANDS offers.

Patron Membership for $500 annually includes:

  • All the benefits of the membership levels above.
  • Private luncheon or dinner at the next IANDS conference with a keynote speaker, usually a major researcher, to discuss their research and other breaking developments in the field.
  • A free gift from IANDS, usually a book about NDEs.
  • The satisfaction that you are materially helping IANDS accomplish its mission.

Benefactor Membership for $1,000 annually includes

  • All the benefits of the membership levels above.
  • One free attendance at the next IANDS international conference, traditionally held in North America. ($400 maximum value)
  • Having a major impact on the ability of IANDS to grow and expand its work of making the world a better place.

For the above prices, add $14 for outside the US (rate increased on 3/1/13 due US mail rate increases).

Other Ways to Give a Membership

  • pdfDownload a Membership Form. Use it to:
    • Fax it to us along with your credit card information
    • Send it to us along with your check, money order or credit card information ($US funds only).
  • Click here for the IANDS address and phone number to contact us during business hours (USA East Coast time) if you have more questions, or with your credit card information.

IANDS is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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