Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The mission statement of IANDS is, "To build global understanding of near-death and near-death-like experiences through research, education, and support." The strategic plan document describes how this mission will be implemented over the next three years, with specific goals and strategies for each of those three major functions.

The plan was developed by the IANDS Board of Directors with input from many people including IANDS members, working committee participants, experiencers, and other interested individuals. Strategic plans are not static; they are most useful if they are updated periodically to reflect changing circumstances and opportunities. For examples, we have already accomplished many items in the current plan and are working hard on others, learning as we move forward. We are committed to an annual planning process where we take into account our progress, solicit input from our members, and evaluate our priorities.

As with many non-profit organizations, the actual tasks that make up the objectives in the plan are done primarily by volunteers. IANDS is always seeking people with the time, energy and skills to help us achieve our vision. We urge you to contact the IANDS office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let IANDS know how you can help.

In addition to human resources, IANDS will need significant funding to implement these important strategies. As outlined in the current plan, we have been working hard to increase membership which provides the bulk of our operating funds. To supplement that we are rapidly expanding the educational products and services, "fee for services," that we provide. We also are working on the infrastructure to receive planned gifts and will be fundraising for various objectives through grant proposals and constituent appeals.

Please let us have your input and any resources - time or funds–that will help us accomplish our vision.

 IANDS Strategic Plan

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