Bruce Greyson, MD

Bruce Greyson, MD

Carlson Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Division of Perceptual Studies
Department of Psychiatric Medicine
University of Virginia Health System


Dr. Greyson is the foremost active researcher in the field of near-death studies and the long-time editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies. He presented "Explanatory Models of NDEs" during the 2006 IANDS Conference.

Bruce Greyson is one of the founders of the International Association for Near-Death Studies and served for many years on IANDS' Board of Directors, as IANDS' President, as its Director of Research, and as a facilitator of a local NDE support group. After completing his psychiatric residency at the University of Virginia, he practiced and taught psychiatry at the University of Michigan and the University of Connecticut, where he was Clinical Chief of Psychiatry, before returning to the University of Virginia, where he is now the Chester F. Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Perceptual Studies. His research for the past three decades has focused on the aftereffects of near-death experiences and has resulted in more than 70 presentations to national scientific conferences, more than 100 publications in academic medical and psychological journals, and several research grants and awards.


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