IANDS Board of Directors and Staff

Executive Committee of the Board

Photograph of Diane Corcoran

Diane Corcoran, R.N., Ph.D.
Chair of Education and Research Committees
Residence: North Carolina 
Occupation: Nurse, Educator, Retired Army Colonel, currently doing legal nurse consulting 
Joined the board in 2004 
Past IANDS president and board member, written several articles on NDEs for health care professionals; currently sponsoring research on combat related NDES.


Mitchell Liester, M.D.
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Psychiatrist, NDE researcher
Joined the board in 2014


Robert Mays, B.Sc.
Finance, Technology & Website Committees 
Residence:  North Carolina 
Occupation: NDE researcher (consciousness, veridical perceptions), retired Senior Software Engineer, retired science teacher
Joined the board in 2009

Photograph of Martina Straub 

Martina Straub
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Writer, Meditation teacher, Hospice Volunteer
Joined the IANDS staff in 2012
Joined the board in 2011

Other Board Members


Paul Butler
Marketing Committee
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Information Technology
Joined the board in 2014

 delainedeal_sm2 Delaine Deal, B.A.
Conference Committee

Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Events Coordinator
Joined the board in 2010

  Bob Frank
Conference Committee

Residence: Arizona
Joined the board in 2013

Photograph of Debbie James

Debbie James, M.S.N., R.N., C.C.R.N., C.R.S.
Conference & Education Committees
Residence: Texas 
Occupation: Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist 
Served on the board 1995-2008
National conference coorinator from 1996 - 2006, 2010
Rejoined the board in 2011


Bob Siress
Groups Representative
Residence: California
Occupation: Proprietor, Siress Enterprises, Inc
Joined the board in 2010


Linda Truax
Conference, Marketing Committees
Residence: Texas
Joined the board in 2014

  Linda Vos
Marketing Committee, Graphics Design
Residence: Virginia
Occupation: Principal, Vox, Inc.
Joined the board in 2013
 LeeWitting Leland Witting, D.Min.
Publications Chairperson, Chief Editor of Vital Signs
Residence: Maine
Occupation: Chaplain
Joined the board in 2010



Photograph of Rhonda Bailey

Rhonda Bailey, RYTA
Business Manager, Vital Signs assistant editor
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Registered yoga teacher, energy healer
Joined the IANDS staff in 2008


Marybeth Maranuk, B.A.
Marketing and support
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: retired CPM, Property Management
Joined the IANDS staff in 2008



Photograph of Janice Holden

Janice Holden, Ed.D
Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies
Past president of IANDS 
Residence: Texas 
Occupation: Professor of counseling at the University of North Texas in Denton 
Served on the board from 2000 - 2006
Dr. Holden is an NDE researcher who also supervises doctoral students conducting NDE research.


Bruce Greyson, M.D 
Research Director; Consulting Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies
Residence: Virginia 
Occupation: Professor of psychiatry 
Served on the board 1981-1992
Served as editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies from 1982 - 2008 (26 years!).


Nancy Clark, Ph.D. 
International Groups Coordinator
Residence: Arizona 
Occupation: Executive director, Arizona Integrative Therapies, psychotherapist, author, international lecturer
Served on the board 2006 - 2012

Photograph of Yolaine Stout

Yolaine Stout, B.A.
Chair of the Integration/Support Committee 
Past president of IANDS
Residence: California
Occupation: Self-Help Writer, Life Coach, Nonprofit Consultant 
17 years experience in non-profit leadership and development. Honors graduate UC Berkeley. 25 year educator in Austria and the United States.

Photograph of Chuck Swedwrock

Chuck Swedrock, B.Sc. in Computer Science; M.B.A.
Technology & Groups Committees
Residence: Arizona, co-facilitator of Tucson IANDS group 
Occupation: Spirituality Support Group, Sr. Facilitator
Retired Information Technology Specialist
Served on the board 2005 - 2010

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