IANDS joins the Alliance for Global Consciousness

Alliance for Global ConsciousnessIANDS has joined with several other organizations to found the Alliance for Global Consciousness (AGC). The Alliance is an affiliation of like-minded organizations whose objective is to elevate their service to humankind and advance the evolution of their work, both individually and collectively, while moving further toward a shared purpose, namely:

The transformation of human consciousness across the globe

Founding members of the AGC inaugurated the Alliance in 2015 during collaboration that resulted in the creation of the AGC's mission:

Connecting Humankind through Experiencing Expanded Awareness

To that end, the AGC initiated a strong collective effort to assist its member organizations to become more vigorous and effective in the mutual exploration, understanding, and positive applications of consciousness.

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2016 Conference Live Streaming Option Is Available

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Live Streaming/Video On Demand is available!

 Get 3 FREE Videos from the 2015 IANDS Conference!

Live Stream the main talks directly to your computer.

If you miss a talk, you can view it later – Video On Demand – for 60 days
(90 days for Full Access Pass)


Live Streaming Schedule includes the main talks at very reasonable prices.


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Donate to the Veterans' NDE Video!

DianeCorcoran2IANDS President Diane Corcoran urges IANDS members and friends to support a video project for veterans called Near-Death Experience, What Veterans Need to Know. Service members who have had an NDE should be assisted by medical personnel or chaplains trained to deal with those who have experienced NDEs. However, because of lack of training, that care is often not available, and the impact of this crucial gap of care can be great. It is traumatizing, exacerbating the effects of already devastating injuries, as well as PTSD, and magnifying feelings of confusion, fear, isolation and hopeless despair. Veterans may carry these feelings for a lifetime

donateThe Fund Raising Goal for this video project is $25,000. IANDS has contributed $5,000 toward the goal and we are now seeking donations. See the promotional video on YouTube.

VeteransNDEVideo Trailer

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2016 Conference Speakers and Workshops Announced

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Featured Speakers: Anita Moorjani, Suzanne Giesemann, Maggie Callanan, Laurin Bellg, Jeff Olsen, PMH Atwater and many more! Full list of Speakers.

Plus Workshops with Anita Moorjani, Suzanne Giesemann, Maggie Callanan, Scott Taylor, Bill Guggenheim and many more!

Hurry Up Discounts available ... Register Now!



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2016 Conference Registration Is Now Open!

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Featuring Anita Moorjani, Suzanne Giesemann, Maggie Callanan, Laurin Bellg and many more!
At the Embassy Suites by Hilton – Orlando, Lake Buena Vista South

Near-death experiences (NDEs) and near-death-like experiences often result in a greater sense of well-being and purpose in life. But the journey of integrating the experience is often fraught with challenges as well. NDErs themselves, the professionals who care for them and their families, and NDE educators and researchers, all have a role in helping NDErs stay on the path to healing and wholeness—and in helping humanity to use knowledge of NDEs to pursue this path. We invite you to join us as we explore this path together!


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Welcome to IANDS' new web site layout!

New Website LayoutWe are pleased to present the new IANDS web site layout! Here are the main improvements:  

  • A new overall "look" with our new logo and style that's easier to read 
  • Responsive layout that scales automatically for mobile devices
  • A simplified menu structure: better organized -- it's easier to find things 
  • An improved NDE submission form: more questions requested by researchers, you can save and complete the form at a later time

We have fixed many problems with the existing site, but there may still be problems: if you find a problem, please report it to us.

Also, there are still a few things we need to complete:

  • Some links on some of the pages may not work properly -- please report them to us
  • Some functions on the Professional Networking Directory will not work right away

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Research request: unusual memories prebirth - age 5

P.M.H. AtwaterP.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. is looking for people who feel very different or odd because of pre-birth memory, birth trauma, being a preemie, or while a baby, toddler, up to the age of five.
P.M.H. seeks to refocus on tiny ones, to double-check the work she has already done.  Our tiniest near-death experiencers are different.  Her earlier work in this area is contained in the book The New Children and Near-Death Experiences.
Please complete the following items listed here or download the list in this file.

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Diane Corcoran on Coast-to-Coast AM

IANDS President, Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD, Retired Army Colonel was on Coast-to-Coast AM radio program with George Knapp... Sunday, July 19 at 1:00 am.

See the biography at http://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/corcoran-diane/73852

Veterans who would like to learn more about IANDS' support for veterans please contact IANDS using the email address:

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

diane corcoran


IANDS featured in extensive article in The Atlantic

Gideon Lichfield, The AtlanticA recent article in The Atlantic by Gideon Lichfield provides a fair and balanced presentation of near-death experiences and features IANDS prominently, from the recent 2014 Conference in Newport Beach. Lichfield interviewed IANDS President Diane Corcoran and several NDE researchers including Alan Hugenot, Mitch Liester, Robert Mays and Kim Clark Sharp.

Lichfield explores the physiological as well as transpersonal explanations of NDEs, including the similarity of NDE narratives to the archetypal hero's quest of Joseph Campbell. He brings in the evidence of veridical perceptions in NDEs that have been elusive in NDE studies, including the AWARE study of cardiac arrest patients, as well as the recent EEG study on rats at the end of life. Finally, Lichfield balances the skepticism of Susan Blackmore (from a recent email exchange) with the thought that even materialists "can learn a great deal from NDEs ... about the central role that the [NDE] stories we tell play in shaping our sense of who we are."

AWARE study initial results are published!

Dr. Sam ParniaThe AWARE study (AWAreness during REsuscitation) is a multi-hospital clinical study of the brain and consciousness during cardiac arrest, including testing the validity of perceptions during the out-of-body part of near-death experiences (NDEs). Dr. Sam Parnia is the principal investigator. The initial results, from the first four years of the study, were published last December in the medical journal Resuscitation (PDF). 

Of the 2,060 cardiac arrests during the study, 140 patients survived and could be interviewed for the study. Of these, 101 patients had detailed interviews, which identified 9 patients who had an NDE. Of the 9 NDErs, two had detailed memories with awareness of the physical environment. One NDEr's experience was verified as accurate; the other was too ill for an in-depth interview. These two NDEs occurred in non-acute areas where no visual target was present, so further verification of visual awareness was not possible. Further study and, perhaps, a reassessment of the methodology and goals of the study are warranted. Read more...

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2011 Keynote Speakers: Moody, Greyson and Alexander!

Leading NDE researchers Raymond Moody and Bruce Greyson, and neurosurgeon NDEr Eben Alexander will be keynote speakers at the 2011 IANDS Conference in Durham, NC, September 2-4.

EbenAlexanderDr. Eben Alexander, an academic neurosurgeon for the last 25 years, had an NDE in November 2008 as a result of acute meningitis infection. Many scientists still conclude about NDEs that "when the brain actually dies, so does the mind/soul/self etc." That's why Dr. Alexander's experience is so important. In the midst of his week in coma, he had a remarkable spiritual experience. His story is a key addition to NDE literature!

Drs. Moody and Greyson are two of IANDS' founders and will help celebrate IANDS' 30th birthday at the Conference.

Raymond MoodyDr. Moody recently published Glimpses of Eternity: Sharing a loved one's passage from this life to the next. This book describes Shared Death Experiences in which persons present at the death of a loved one themselves experience leaving their body, viewing the life review of their loved one and traveling part-way toward the Light. Moody described some of his insights in a recent interview.

Bruce GreysonDr. Greyson has been called "the father of NDE research" and is one of the most prolific researchers in the field. In a recent interview, Greyson discussed how cumulative research into NDEs challenges both a classical physical view of reality, and an exclusively neuroscience-based view of consciousness.

The theme of the 2011 Conference is Lives Changed Forever: Perspectives from Experiencers, Science, and Spirituality to focus on the profound aftereffects of near-death experiences.

Conference Keynote and Plenary Speaker Abstracts

Conference registration is now open!

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