2017 Conference Call Calendar

2017 Monthly IANDS Leaders Teleconference Schedule (usually the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 9 PM Eastern time). (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers):

Tuesday, Jan 17 -- featured speaker/topic – James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of eleven books.  He and his wife Elizabeth have been practicing Buddhism for over forty years with the Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist lay organization of 12,000,000 members in 192 countries and territories, working for world peace, individual happiness, and the friendship of all peoples. Many people who have gone through near-death experiences, talk of crossing a bridge or river, or going through a tunnel, and then encountering a light. What is this light? In his talk, “Waking Up To Who You Really Are”, James Hilgendorf explores this topic, in the process drawing on many other topics and sources - from writers like Leo Tolstoy, Joseph Campbell, Arnold Toynbee, Carl Jung, and others, to the most cutting-edge theories of modern physics, to religious concepts such as karma, to the problem of suffering and happiness - to get at a portrait of who we really are, and what we are doing on this planet Earth, and where this civilization we inhabit is headed to in the next millennium or two. Visit his web site

Tuesday, Feb 21 -- featured speaker/topic – Yvonne Sneeden: Deep emotional life crisis lead to Yvonne’s Near Death Experience, in conjunction with strong medicines for heart arrhythmia. This profound and powerful life changing event, during which Yvonne visited a part of the place she calls ‘Heaven’, transcended her faith and heightened her understanding of Love, Compassion, Goodness, Kindness, and Acceptance of all. Since her profound experience, Yvonne is striving to bring the elements of the NDE into her daily life and in her interaction with others. She feels it is important to share what she learned from her NDE experience and bring it together for the common good of all and thus, help each and everyone of us to live a better life here in the now. Prior to her NDE, Yvonne’s professional career background includes working in the foreign diplomatic service in Europe. This has enabled her to meet people from around the world with very different backgrounds and through the course of her career, she has realized that regardless of the level of social and public influence people exercise, we are all on a journey. Yvonne is a member of both IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) and ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences). Visit her web site.

Tuesday, Mar 21 -- featured speaker/topic – Richard Hughson was a close friend for 17 years of Tom Sawyer who had an extensive NDE in 1978 and finally died for good in 2007. He came back not only with responsibilities, some of which were very specific and global in nature, but also with the exceptional abilities needed to fulfill them. Tom was a class clown all his life. It was through him that Richard inadvertently found his spiritual job on this Earth which included being a professional clown and performer. Richard will talk about what he learned Tom and some of his experiences. He will answer, to the best of his ability, any questions on topics such as; the purpose of traveling the globe with Tom, psychic and/or spiritual healing, why suicide doesn't work, the true meaning of the tower of Babel, experiences of telepathic communication, why there are NDE's at all, the meaning of the phrase 'spiritual glue', healing the Dalai Lama. This will be an intense hour or more but promises to be a most enlightening evening.

Tuesday, Apr 18 -- featured speaker/topic – Lewis Brown Griggs was born of direct Mayflower heritage into privileged American aristocracy, so his lifestyle had reflected that ethnocentric value system. During the first of his two death experiences, Lewis discovered in a Conversation with God that we are on earth to fulfill a particular Purpose, and that he had not been on the right path. He was told that he must return to earth to teach people to appreciate and value the diversity in our common humanity. Since then, for thirty-five years his work has included teaching corporations that valuing diversity, relationship and Spirit maximizes personal & interpersonal & organizational effectiveness. To learn more about the work Lewis was guided to do, visit his website at www.Griggs.com. And if interested, go to his page on YouTube to watch his TEDx talk “The Gift of Near Death” as well as the documentary “Beyond Our Sight”. Then if you haven’t heard enough join us on Tuesday to hear about the deep learning from his recovery from his traumatic brain injury in his white water river accident. Visit his web site.

Tuesday, May 16 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Tuesday, Jun 20 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Tuesday, Jul 18 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Tuesday, Aug 15 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Tuesday, Sep 19 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Tuesday, Oct 17 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Tuesday, Nov 21 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Tuesday, Dec 19 -- featured speaker/topic – TBA

Note: To be added to the email distribution list announcing these conference calls with telephone number and access code, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  To access the mp3 file recordings of the guest speaker portion of the conference calls, IANDS members may click on this link... MP3 Recordings.

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