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2017 Banner LoveLightHealingEnergy2Featuring Eben Alexander, Jean Watson, Mark Anthony, and Marjorie Woollacott
                                                                   Plus a special presentation by Larry DosseyDr. Larry Dossey

2017 THEME - LOVE, LIGHT and HEALING ENERGY: Affirming Near-Death Experiences: Love and healing energy from the Light are the most frequent and powerful messages brought back by NDErs. Affirmation comes from evidence and corroboration of these experiences gained through both personal testimony and research of the NDE phenomena. This conference is for anyone who has ever been touched by a Near-Death or Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE), as well as researchers and others who seek affirmation and greater awareness of the experience.  Many people have had this experience.  You are not alone. OPEN TO EVERYONE interested in these experiences!

NBC Today Show Features Segment on NDEs

Do you believe? Near-death experiences may reveal glimpses of afterlife

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Includes an interview with Barbara Bartolomé, leader of the IANDS Group
in Santa Barbara, CA.  

Diane Corcoran on The Aware Show with Lisa Garr

diane corcoranOn Monday Nov. 14th, IANDS President Emerita, Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD, Retired Army Colonel was interviewed on Lisa Garr's EXPLORING THE BEYOND, The Aware Show with KPFK FM radio program discussing Universal Characteristics of Near-Death Experiences and Out-of-Body Experiences.  A Special Afterlife Summit commenced November 14 - 18 featuring Diane Corcoran and many different speakers which can be viewed here:

 Exploring the Beyond, The Aware Show

Does the soul continue on its journey after the body dies?

Afterlife Summit Banner

Find out by Exploring the Beyond.



New Book on Distressing NDEs by Nancy Evans Bush

Buddha in Hell

Announcing The Buddha in Hell and Other Alarms

Just in time to curl up with a good thought-piece for winter reading, here is The Buddha in Hell and Other Alarms: Distressing Near-Death Experiences in Perspective, a second book from IANDS’ own Nancy Evans Bush.

Whereas her first book, Dancing Past the Dark, was a descriptive study of distressing NDEs, here she blends questions raised by readers into her ongoing investigation and considers our cultural notions about fear in spiritual life. Despite the topic, it is not a gloomy book and throws considerable light on the source and purpose of the extreme conditions present in distressing NDEs.

Much of the book’s material originated in the years since the publication of Dancing Past the Dark; new writing augments blog posts and conference presentations, which have been expanded and largely reworked for the more permanent format of this new book. The Buddha in Hell and Other Alarms is available as an ebook or in paperback and can be found on Amazon and virtually all other bookselling outlets.

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The Self Does Not Die is now available on Amazon

BookCoverThe long-awaited book The Self Does Not Die has now been published and is available on Amazon.com. The project involved translating and publishing the recent Dutch book by NDE researchers Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven and Rudolf Smit that detailed 78 cases of veridical perceptions and other verified paranormal aspects of NDEs. Veridical perceptions in NDEs provide the best evidence of the apparent separation of consciousness from the physical body and, by implication, survival of consciousness after death.

IANDS was able to raise more than $20,000 for the project and there are now 104 cases in the English edition! The book features each case with all of the references that readers can use to explore the case further. These references include many on-line references with the links given. There is a handy on-line version of the Reference List on the IANDS web site where the links can be followed simply by clicking on them.

Get your copy now at Amazon.com!   The Kindle version is also available!

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Donate to the Veterans' NDE Video!

DianeCorcoran2IANDS President Emerita Diane Corcoran urges IANDS members and friends to support a video project for veterans called Near-Death Experience, What Veterans Need to Know. Service members who have had an NDE should be assisted by medical personnel or chaplains trained to deal with those who have experienced NDEs. However, because of lack of training, that care is often not available, and the impact of this crucial gap of care can be great. It is traumatizing, exacerbating the effects of already devastating injuries, as well as PTSD, and magnifying feelings of confusion, fear, isolation and hopeless despair. Veterans may carry these feelings for a lifetime

donateThe Fund Raising Goal for this video project is $25,000. IANDS has contributed $5,000 toward the goal and we are now seeking donations. See the promotional video on YouTube.

VeteransNDEVideo Trailer

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Research request: unusual memories prebirth - age 5

P.M.H. AtwaterP.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. is looking for people who feel very different or odd because of pre-birth memory, birth trauma, being a preemie, or while a baby, toddler, up to the age of five.
P.M.H. seeks to refocus on tiny ones, to double-check the work she has already done.  Our tiniest near-death experiencers are different.  Her earlier work in this area is contained in the book The New Children and Near-Death Experiences.
Please complete the following items listed here or download the list in this file.

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Diane Corcoran on Coast-to-Coast AM

IANDS President Emerita, Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD, Retired Army Colonel was on Coast-to-Coast AM radio program with George Knapp... Sunday, July 19 at 1:00 am.

See the biography at http://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/corcoran-diane/73852

Veterans who would like to learn more about IANDS' support for veterans please contact IANDS using the email address:

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

diane corcoran


Assuming miraculous is required, and healing is required, the following results were found.

  • Anita Moorjani's amazing NDE and miraculous healing

    journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing . Anita was interviewed in 2011 by Lilou Mace about her NDE and miraculous healing (47 min). In this interview, she talks about her experience of the nature of reality and consciousness during the NDE...

  • Call for Papers - 2014 IANDS Conference

    April 7 A near-death experience (NDE) catalyzes powerful transformations in the experiencer. Many times there is a miraculous healing from the NDEr's injuries or illness. With the insights and understanding of their life purpose , there is always...

  • Eben Alexander public lecture August 29, 7 PM in Arlington, Virginia

    was guided by an angelic being and shown the Divine Source. He then returned to his physical body and experienced a miraculous healing . Dr. Alexander confirms that our life on planet Earth is a "test" of personal growth , and that the way to make...

  • 2004 Chicago

    Full set of 29 Presentations on one MP3 CD Order this one CD with all 29 presentations that were recorded from the 2004 conference as MP3 files. Listen to them in your car (most newer cars have MP3 compatible CD players) , on your computer, or download...

  • Save the Date! 2014 IANDS Conference

    The near-death experience (NDE) catalyzes powerful transformations in the experiencer. Many times there is a miraculous healing from the NDEr's injuries or illness. With the insights and understanding of their life purpose , there is always personal...

  • 2013 Conference: Main speakers and topics!

    Sheraton Crystal City Hotel Arlington, Virginia August 29 - September 1 Conference Schedule! Keynote speakers : • Eben Alexander, MD, FACS , My Journey to Heaven and The Eternity of Souls and Their Connections . • Anita Moorjani , The Gift of Life . •...

  • What near-death experiences tell us

    NDE researcher Robert Mays will moderate a symposium on near-death experiences, A Journey to Heaven and Back sponsored by IANDS and by the Open Center in New York City on Saturday, November 23, 10 AM - 5:30 PM . The program will include NDErs Dr. Eben...

  • What near-death experiences tell us

    NDE researcher Robert Mays moderated a symposium on near-death experiences in November 2013 called A Journey to Heaven and Back . The symposium was jointly sponsored by IANDS and the Open Center in New York City . The program featured NDErs Dr. Eben...

  • Esquire article on Eben Alexander distorts the facts

    Commentary by NDE researcher Robert Mays - revised August 21, 2013 Luke Dittrich , contributing editor at Esquire, wrote an article critical of Dr. Eben Alexander's book Proof of Heaven . Dittrich cited several malpractice lawsuits against Dr....

  • Archive through December 5, 2003

    By Anonymous on Friday, December 5, 2003 - 08:22 am : My experience came to me in a dream at the age of 12. I am now 35. Writing about this has been difficult over the years. Mainly because my experience was so "out of this world" extraordinary. I've...

  • 2014 Conference Call Calendar

    2014 Monthly IANDS Leaders Teleconference Schedule (usually the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 9 pm Eastern time). (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers ): Tuesday, Jan 21 -- featured...

  • Anita Moorjani - Author of Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

    After struggling with cancer for nearly four years, Anita Moorjani surrendered to death and came back to tell us one of the most profound and insightful near-death experience stories ever told. Upon coming back, she used the new insights she had gained...

  • Liver failure shows me all animals and plants have souls

    I was 25 years old at the time and did not know what was happening. My liver had failed and all the toxins and ammonia had bled into my body and brain.

  • 2016 Conference Call Calendar

    2016 Monthly IANDS Leaders Teleconference Schedule (usually the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 9 PM Eastern time). (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers ): Tuesday, Jan 19 -- featured...

  • Face-to-face with Jesus the Christ

    I am a 60 year-old combat veteran of the Vietnam War from North Carolina. My story begins in 1999 when I visited a friend in Virginia Beach, VA. My friend is a 70ish-year-old Christian lady who happens to have what is commonly referred to as "psychic"...

  • Archive through December 19, 2002

    By Anonymous on Thursday, December 19, 2002 - 04:17 pm : I Accidentally overdosed on pain meds I was given because I had broken my left ankle, leg bone had to have surgery (plate and screws were put in). I also had nerve damage (Reflex Sympathetic...

  • Archive through February 09, 2003

    By Anonymous on Sunday, February 9, 2003 - 12:41 pm : I was at home, ill with hepatitis. I had been running a very high temperature for about two weeks, feeling very nauseous, off all food, drinking very little, feeling generally very lethargic, and...

  • Archive through March 30, 2004

    By Anonymous on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 09:29 pm : My mother was recuperating from a hysterectomy. While she was in the hospital for a week, I took care of my siblings. I did not eat properly, nor sleep like I should have while Mom was in the...

  • NDEs in the Medical Profession

    by Pam Kircher, M.D. [This is from the IANDS' newsletter Vital Signs Vol. XX, Number 3, 2001.] Dr. Bob Brumblay, an emergency room physician from Hawaii, told an IANDS conference audience how his attempts to understand his wife's near-death experience...

  • 2012 Conference Call Calendar

    2012 Monthly IANDS Leaders Teleconference Schedule (the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 9 pm Eastern time). (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers ): Tuesday, Jan 17 -- featured speaker/topic...

  • Christmas 2010

    In 2008 I was a practicing cardiac-anesthesiologist. I was Chief of Anesthesiology at a heart hospital, and derived my identity and happiness from the work I did and my family. But in August of that year - everything was turned upside down when I was...

  • 17 Near-Death Experience Accounts from "Beyond the Light"

    Copyright 1994 by P. M. H. Atwater (reproduced here with the author's permission) Beyond the Light , originally in hardcover, Birch Lane Press, New York City (reprinted as a paperback through Avon Books, New York City, 1995 - ISBN: 0-380-72540-1)

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